A Famous and Verifiable Instance of Real Life Alchemy.

For hundreds of years alchemists toiled in their laboratories to produce a mythical substance known as the philosopher’s stone. The supposedly dense, waxy, red material was said to enable the process that has become synonymous with alchemy—chrysopoeia, the metamorphosis, or transmutation, of base metals such as lead into gold.

Many who read this site will be familiar with the idea of Alchemy & will also likely be aware of how the example of turning “lead into gold” is a purely metaphorical representation of the intended accomplishment.

Something strange happened though, and this example of “Alchemy” can be very much compared to the exoteric explanation of turning lead into gold. At the same time this example shows how the potential true meanings run much deeper than just the acquiring of a precious metal from something that was much more base in original nature.

The San Francisco 49’ers are named for the California Gold Rush. This is an apt beginning point for what transpired 35 years into the franchises history.

In the ‘79 NFL Draft with the 82nd overall pick, the 49’ers selected JOE MONTANA from Notre Dame University.

82nd pick is a direct correspondence to LEAD on the Periodic Table.

79 Draft is a direct correspondence to GOLD on the Periodic table.

Joe Montana famously completed “THE CATCH” to teammate Dwight Clark on January 10 1982 to advance the 49’ers to the first Super Bowl in franchise history.

On January 24 ‘82 San Francisco would win SB XVI (16) with a 26-21 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

This is another Lead into Gold correspondence as the 49’ers win their first Super Bowl in ‘82 thanks in very large part to a QB drafted 82nd in ‘79.

Further cementing the pertinent chemistry between Montana and Clark is the separation between their birthdates.

Joe Montana was born June 11 1956

Dwight Clark was born January 8 1957

A separation of 212 days.

Water Boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

The exact moment of a chemical change as steam is created once water boils.

Joe Montana is/was the key to this instance of real life alchemy.

The team named for GOLD drafted the QB from Notre Dame whose alumni are commonly referred to as “Golden Domers“.

They draft him in ‘79 with the 82nd pick leading to winning Super Bowl Gold in ‘82.

An Alchemical Process curiously manifesting in the world of Sports.

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The SUPER BOWL LV HALFTIME shows HIDDEN Symbolism & how it’s meant to Affect YOU directly.

The SUPER BOWL LV HALFTIME SHOW was a full & comprehensive symbolic recreation of the Parting of the RED SEA mythology.

It’s been just over a full day since Super Bowl 55 ended & I’ve yet to see any other mention of this specific symbolism, but I also believe that it’s presence is essentially undeniable if you were to rewatch this halftime performance after reading through this article.

WHY? And for WHAT reasons would this mythology be recreated for a Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Additionally, why would this be done in such a covert manner? In that a lot of detailed touches are included throughout the performance & at no point is there ever even a whisper about what it is we are visually witnessing.

I have some potential reason(s) that I’ll share at the end of this post, but of course my thoughts on this will be subjective & open to additional interpretation.

First, I’ll walk you through the performance & this should illustrate that this wasn’t a case of a few serendipitous coincidences, but rather a persistent underlying theme throughout the entirety of the performance.

We OPEN with a shot of The Weeknd sitting in a car in front of a City background.

Our first clue of a potential intended location shows up in the form of a GLOBE in the upper left hand side of the opening frame.

The Red lines on the globe would be included to show the outlines of continents & other land masses.

The only visible Red outline that bears any resemblance to a known location is the one that is most prominently placed.

AFRICA is shown & EGYPT is in Africa. There very well may be additional interpretation to be made regarding the design displayed above Africa on the neon globe as it has both interesting placement & design.

This is not the only visual nod to a potential geographical starting point for The Weeknd’s parking spot.

The Weeknd exits the car and the camera pulls back to show a Casino flanked by Palm trees & also a PYRAMID only lightly hidden in the shadows.

The LUXOR Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is the very specific symbolism encoded into this scene.

The hotel is named for the city of Luxor (ancient Thebes) in Egypt.

It’s important to consider this on a slightly deeper level than just “Is it really supposed to be the Luxor”?

Assuming that you can accept this being the intended visual representation , now ask yourself “Why would they do something so oddly specific when there is a complete absence of any intention to draw the viewers attention to this detail”?

Las Vegas isn’t in Egypt of course, but the underlying symbolism is all about Egypt & this in concert with Africa being prominently displayed on the globe right next to it, this shows me solidly that this is the intended symbolism being subliminally offered to the viewer.

It wasn’t meant to be recognized by the viewer on a conscious level, but instead its intended to interact purely with their subconscious mind.


At least 100 million people watched this surreptitious retelling of this mythology that appears not only in the Bible, but also in the Quran & rabbinical literature.

More importantly this is a story that is known of by people who have never opened up any of those books & in many cases they have no interest in this type of subject matter.

Certain mythology of seemingly purely religious classification is in fact already very much ingrained into the collective consciousness & the basic underlying elements are of a familiar nature to people, no matter their religious affiliation or lack thereof.

Noah’s Ark, David & Goliath, The Parting of the Red Sea, and probably at least a half dozen more fit into this category.

Keep this all encompassing subconscious recognition in mind when considering why “they” would choose this mythology to repurpose for the years most viewed piece of visual entertainment.

The performance begins with a “Fallen Angel” with glowing RED Eyes. I think it’s natural to see this & immediately think of “Lucifer the Fallen Angel” & this may well be a very valid takeaway.

However, I think it’s tempting for some to make that initial strong visual connection & then move along without any attempt at deeper understanding.

There are always valuable deeper potential meanings to consider & past that there is always more than one “right” answer to these types of symbolism translations.

This can be a hard concept to wrap your head around initially, but keep this in mind & maybe this will be a decent example of this concept.

While I could definitely “see” the LuciferFallen Angel symbolism & did also take note on my end of this same potential connection.

There is another ANGEL mentioned in Exodus immediately prior to MOSES stretching out his hands over the sea & the waters parting.

I do believe this is what we see here …

After the Angel drifted down to its seat or “removed & went behind them“. The Weeknd emerges from the parting stage design. This is the “parting of the Red Sea“.

The choreography calls for him to stretch out his own hands while the stage parts down the middle. A microphone is substituted for the traditional staff.

I need to mention that it was my Daughter who immediately told me “It’s the Parting of the Red Sea” in a very matter-of-fact way upon the beginning of the performance & thus the wheels were set in motion for the writing of this article.

We had recently discussed this story in how it is (imo) also a metaphor for meditation & the perfect balance of the left & right brain while in this state. This will come back up when The Weeknd parts the Red Sea for a 2nd time in the latter stages of his performance.

I’d like to think I may have caught this myself , but it probably would have occurred to me about a week after next years Super Bowl rather than 30 seconds into this initial live performance.

I sometimes have a hard time with “Seeing the Forest for the Trees” and luckily she seems to have no struggles in this same way.

I was very impressed by her quick recognition & also very happy that she has not only this similar interest in symbolism, but also a strong & natural talent for reading this “divine language”.

Being that she’s 12 now & that I didn’t even know it was something that existed until I was almost 37 …. this tells me she is going to far surpass me at some point in the not too distant future.

Her notes on our initial & follow up viewing have made their way into many parts of this post.

The lighting is set up very specifically to prominently display this dominant theme of RED including set up in such a way to wash over The Weeknd himself with a pronounced red tint.

RED is symbolism for certain specific types of emotions such as passion, anger, inflammation, lust, & strength.

Red can also be used for magical energy to create black magic (good for the strengthening of themselves before performing black magic) and inducing intensity.

The red can be used to incite war, anarchy and cruelty. Mars rules the red. Red is the element of fire.

The Weeknd continues to be awash in RED , but surrounded by BLUE to symbolize the Water or Sea. Very straightforward visual representation of RED (blue) SEA.

A moment later the colors reverse & the background becomes predominantly RED & Blue light is projected onto the singer.

The sponsor PEPSI employs a logo that fits perfectly into the symbolism. Red, Blue, & a Whitesplit” down middle (balance). The color White symbolism hasn’t entered the performance yet, but soon will.

The PEPSI logo/sponsorship does fit perfectly into the overall feel, but I just “notice” this & do realize it may only be a “happy accident“.

The Smoke effects amp up here & this is seemingly to represent the stormy conditions within the mythology.

The camera pulls back to reveal additional visual effects that really drive the symbolism home.

Initially we are shown what appears to be red clouds.

Soon these clouds take the form of what can much more accurately be described as RED Crashing WAVES.

This comes across pretty well in these still pictures, but is of course much more visually striking when looking at the video.

This is when The Weeknd walks into the “Water” and is soon joined by the Israelites that he is leading out of “bondage” (Egypt) and to their freedom.

Like what happened with the “Falling Angel – Lucifer” symbolism earlier in the performance, I am sure many people took notice of this masked group of dancers & made an immediate & correct correlation between these masks & the ongoing COVID-19 mask requirements spanning back nearly a year.

Or actually … exactly 333 days.

3/11/2020 was the beginning of the Quarantine & 333 days later was this Super Bowl Halftime Performance bought to you by Pepsi-Cola.

A slightly more contemplative look at these masked dancers & you can connect the bigger “story” being told here.

The Weeknd is being used to symbolize MOSES in this “performance” & these dancers are playing the part of the Israelites being led out of slavery/bondage.

Being made to wear masks & social distancing etc. is & has been the equivalent of being enslaved.

In the BIBLE story, many of the Slaves being led to freedom were very reluctant to the idea of being freed. This was due to fear of potential consequence along with simply being “used to slavery” or to have “normalized” their lot in life.

And it was also because they felt comfort in having their basic needs met by their captors.

This is obviously similar to current events in how many people are not only ok with the “New Normal” of masks & distancing, but actually embrace the controls & often fight to keep them in place?

How many of those same people are perfectly fine with being fully compliant to the Bigger authority’s “New Normal” guidelines in exchange for the promise of being “taken care of“, whether it be via Stimulus payouts, Student Loan forgiveness, & other government assistance.

Not only readily complying, but also being the “eyes & ears” for the Authority Figure(s) in regards to the people whom they may encounter that are not as compliant as they are willing to be?

When you realize that many of us are already playing our part in this mythology that is being played to us in a fashion that purposefully bypasses our direct awareness. It begins to become evident just how much many of us can be controlled or hypnotized via our subconscious mind.

This is the seemingly inexplicable reason that many people you & I know made it all of the way through 2020 still hanging onto the news reported by Main Stream Media as if it was gospel.

Future Proves Past.

Moses (The Weeknd) & the Israelites wander around within the walls of water for a few more moments.

And then they reach the other side of the Red Sea & step out onto dry ground.

And then we see a rapidly rising MOON.

The MOON has to do with MANNA. This is a subject I had just recently done a lot of research on & so I was primed in a very serendipitous way when this Halftime Show happened to show up right when it did.

The MANNA is visually falling in all of these backdrops & I also noticed it is actually falling “upwards” in this representation.

This would be the WHITE seen in the always present PEPSI logo as well , but I do have that classified as likely a simple coincidence.

MANNA (MOON) fell at night and was ready to be collected in the morning.

RED was the dominant color and “feel” prior to The Weeknd walking through the “waters” (indoor hallway performance) & now things are BLUE and decidedly more “Tranquil“.



In the BIBLE story after exiting the RED SEA, Moses & the Israelites travel for 3 days without finding water.

When they finally found water they could not drink it as it was too BITTER.

MOSES communicated this to God & very quickly God made it so that the water was fit to drink. Bitter to Sweet – BitterSweet.

This is the RED to BLUE seen above.

A quick aside …

This entire story is about WATER in various representations.

WATER is symbolism for EMOTION(S) it’s also the Subconscious Mind as this is where our own unique emotional tunings are stored.

The MOON effects the Tides of the OCEANS & it effects peoples emotions in the same way. Every Police Department, Emergency Room, & Fire Station knows to schedule extra staff & expect increased activity during the night of a Full Moon & this scheduling strategy & expectation are universal in nature.

Contained within the BIBLE story is a metaphor for balancing the mind and achieving a certain kind of divine meditative state resulting in enlightenment.

Moses is the representative of the AGE of ARIES & Aries is the RAM. This is why he is often shown to have horns.

Moses is the “Head” and so it makes sense he would be central to the art of meditation.

When you “Cross the Red Sea” those old bitter waters (emotions) lose their destructive powers and thus become fit to drink (lose toxicity)

Also notice that upon leaving the RED SEA , Moses & the Israelites wander for 3 days before finding water.

Compare to the …

3 days of Jesus prior to resurrection.

3 days Jonah spent in the belly of the fish.

3 days of blindness for Saul/Paul

3 visitors of JOB

This is another metaphor for this same process (IMO).

Taking this into consideration, What are the “people” in charge of the Super Bowl Halftime Show attempting to do here? They’re telling us a story that we are all somewhat “familiar” with, but they are being very careful to not tell us that they’re doing anything of the sort.

This story is within us all.

Someone might not be too aware of the finer details regarding the Moses version, but certainly one of the other similar examples is one that does ring more familiar.

The way this archetypal story works is that if you touch on one of the versions, you are interacting with many or all of the others as well.

This is also not exclusive to religion based literature.

Rather than the offered biblical examples, perhaps a more favorable representation would be …

Ebenezer Scrooge (Scrooge McDuck is acceptable too) and the 3 ghosts that visited him on Christmas Eve.

3 ghosts symbolism in lieu of 3 days

Or maybe SLEEPING BEAUTY and the 3 FAIRIES who assist her in her adventure? Again 3 Fairies in place of the 3 days.

This list of examples is very extensive & highly fascinating. This is one of my favorite areas of study, which is why I will not let myself get any more carried away in offering examples here & get back to The Weeknd & the RITUAL/HYPNOSIS that he was likely largely unwittingly spearheading.

Something interesting happens at the 10:00 mark of the Halftime Show.

The Show moves from the stage to the actual field & the Parting of the RED SEA is re-enacted once AGAIN.

This one is very obvious if you now know what you are looking at.

This is very bold in how thinly veiled it is now presented. It’s important to know & take note that “they” have no desire to communicate this story to you consciously. They want to only communicate with your subconscious mind. If this matriculates to your conscious mind, “they” lose all of the intended benefit that they put this whole thing together for as you cannot be hypnotized while you are AWAKE & AWARE of what it is you are seeing.

The Weeknd (Moses) is very deliberate in his exact location as he walks the path of the split sea.

The middle goal post bar that he is perfectly in line with IS the EXACT middle of the field that they are performing this specific instance of symbolism.

He stays perfectly in step with this “Perfect Balance“.

This is about that perfect balance between LEFT & RIGHT Brain.

This representation explains why MANNA is considered Medicine for the EYE.

The final RED SEA symbolism was only allotted about 4 minutes & so before too long The Weeknd has gotten to the “Other Side” and his dancers release the symbolic path & the RED backdrop & lighting again becomes BLUE.

Why repeat the same show of symbolism?

I have a pretty decent hunch it has something to do with this …

WHAT about the needed 3rd occurrence of SPLITTING of the RED SEA required to satisfy the Law of Three Requests?

I believe it was the one on the field.

The Kansas City Chiefs were heavily favored by most in the Super Bowl & while that may be debatable to plenty of people. There is something not too debatable at all & that’s that they’d lose in the fashion that they did.

If you would have bet 100$ that the Chiefs would score no touchdown in the Super Bowl on Sunday, you would have taken home around 3000$.

In the first half there was a lot of questionable or at least poor refereeing that gave Tampa Bay a nice (suspicious?) boost, but the Game was nowhere near over.

At halftime (IMO) a ritual was done on the field involving the splitting of the RED SEA.

Then in the 2nd half the KC Chiefs no longer hamstrung by the referees began doing things like having touchdown passes bounce off of their face (more than once) and all other sort of bizarre calamities.

It almost looked like they had “something” out of their control working against them?

The performance ends soon after & now I will share with you what I am thinking as to “WHY” & WHAT is the hoped for result?

I’ve established that I believe there is very coordinated attempt of Mass Hypnosis at play here.

This was especially strong last year as well in my estimation & in a very connected manner.

I wrote about that HERE.

By presenting this classic archetypal mythology to 100+ million people’s subconscious minds in a way that is both exquisitely detailed & at the same time never even hinted towards as to the source content, it is clear to me that this is being done in order to basically “hack into” the minds of the approximately 80-85% of the population still highly susceptible to this kind of manipulation.

To what end?

In my opinion, it is to plant the very faulty idea that the new administration (Biden-Harris) are the MOSES figure(s) that will lead “us” out of the “slavery” of the previous leadership.

RED was the symbolism for all of the NEGATIVE & dangerous emotions in the presented visual symbolism.

And BLUE was used to show the POSITIVE & Tranquil emotions.

Q even made a very auspicious appearance on the NEGATIVESlaveryBondage side of The Weeknd’s RED SEA.

In the very beginning of the show, disguised as a very sloppy faulty graphics error in an otherwise immaculately produced spectacle.

What begins as a frame for the PEPSI logo, as it pulls away a glaring graphic design mistake reveals itself.

This is simply a good example of an often used strategic maneuver in the practice of ManipulationPLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY .

The rest of the show was flawless in its graphics presentation, as far as I was able to discern. This lone “mistake” somehow eluding all quality control measures seems highly unlikely, to me at least.

Returning to the “Big Picture” goal IMO …

Planting the concept of the new leadership being a heroicMOSES-Likefigure in the subconscious minds of people isn’t only to artificially create or advancewarm & fuzzy” feelings in the minds of people in relation to their new leaders.

That is only half of the intended effect.

The other related aspect is much more sinister in nature, in how it also establishes a very strong level of control in many people that bypasses their Free Will via a very disingenuous LOOPHOLE.

Running this symbolism into peoples subconscious minds is a very profound experience for the person who is unknowingly being exposed to a much deeper & powerful story than they have any idea about.

When we have an experience of “SUDDEN AWAKENING” (This is something I can speak from direct experience about) The first year you enter a state that can be described as MANIA ( The MANNA ) but it’s constructive & not destructive like you’d see in a Bi-Polar Manic Episode.

It does involve the same source Brain Chemistry & it is even addressed in the religious texts how this can be both a divine energy & also a very destructive energy, depending on where you are in your progress when this chemistry is accessed.

And …

One of the things that happens in this approximate year long period of time is you learn a lot of divine knowledge that wasn’t previously within the range of your prior ability to “understand“.

Except you don’t quite “Learn” a significant percentage of the most important knowledge. Instead you “Rememberit & this process has its own quite distinct sensation involved as it happens.

This REMEMBERING comes directly from your Subconscious Mind.

Everyone’s individual subconscious mind is fluent in the language of symbolism.

This includes the people who you might currently consider brilliant & also the people who you wonder how they manage to cross the street without getting lost and/or seriously hurt on a daily basis.

Everyone’s subconscious mind knows all about these archetypes that exist in the mythology that appears within a wide range of works of art in our conscious world (including but not even remotely limited to our religious texts & literature) . The Moses – Red Sea mythology is one of the BIG ones & we all “know” all about it at that deeper level.

When “THEY” put the mythology out there subliminally and connect it to “THEIRnarratives , they are grabbing the undivided attention of all of our subconscious minds & for the people “Still Sleeping” this connection can greatly sway their opinions & beliefs in very profound ways.

It’s a violation of the spirit of the Universal Law of Free Will , but by working multiple loopholes the “Bad Guys” largely avoid karmic consequences as they don’t directly tell anyone that they have to do or believe anything directly.

What they are doing is actually much more effective than direct demands, because it is reconciled by the manipulated person as their OWN organically arrived to set of opinions & beliefs.

As consciously they have no idea that they were influenced in the aggressive manner that they were.

In the interest of length I will leave the explanation at that level of description as I am sure I could get (even more) carried away in providing my own opinions & analysis. I will mention here again that this is all just my opinion & I always attend to not speak in certainties, but I do worry that sometimes I may occasionally communicate in that tone unintentionally.

I’m going to bring back up this one graphic that I posted above.

Hypothetically, pretending momentarily that I am a person who (still) cannot conceive of the idea that an MSM journalist would even begin to consider betraying their journalistic OATH and believe that they do all they can in a completely genuine fashion to uphold their journalistic integrity at ALL times.

I may have watched the HALFTIME SHOW & completely unbeknownst to me, my subconscious mind would have taken in that underlying symbolism in a very focused fashion.

A. My subconscious mind would have marked that as “VERY IMPORTANT” as it is powerful mythology. In fact i may have very well felt as if it was brought to my awareness from a divine source as it is a divine story, but it has been cleverly repurposed to apply to external people rather than an inner principle as actually intended.

B. The EXTERNAL people I’d apply it to would be the new Leadership, in particular Joe Biden & Kamala Harris as this is exactly where all of the breadcrumbs lead to.

C. I would be artificially influenced towards looking at this leadership as a true leader & hero trying to “SAVE” me.

But ALSO , I’d have a strong sense that GOD somehow supported or in fact CHOSE these people to fulfill this role for me.

This hypnosis exceeds simply making me see Joe Biden as a harmless “Grandpa” figure & suddenly becoming enthralled by Kamala’s ability to dance with an Umbrella.

It installs a FALSE suggestion of these politicians being somehow divinely hand picked.


It also would remind me that GOD is to be FEARED as this is the OLD TESTAMENT god who is the vengeful type & this reinforces my motivation to support these 2 supposedhand picked” politicians as it’s going to piss off GOD if I were to not do just that.

A large % of the population is still “Asleep” at varying levels of slumber & the deeper they still are , the more open they are for control & this IS the HIDDEN Science being exploited here and as far back as history is recorded.

I’ve never asked or even suggested for a post of mine to be shared around, but I will here as I am of the belief that this “hypnosis” is largely ineffectual once an intended target is consciously aware of what is actually being attempted.

It is my hope that a few people who read this may completely negate any kind of varying level of persuasion that may have sunk in when taking in this seemingly benign halftime spectacle.

Thank You.

The Author can be followed @ZenOfTupac on Twitter.

The HollyWood Masonic Temple. Black Magic Hidden in Plain Sight?

The Hollywood Masonic Temple, now known as the El Capitan Entertainment Centre and also formerly known as The Masonic Convention Hall, is a building on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

The “Official” backstory of how the Hollywood Masonic Temple became the location where Disney premieres its movies & Jimmy Kimmel Live is broadcast from goes like this …

By the Late 70’s, the Hollywood Masonic Temple was consistently mired in financial difficulty. Masonic membership was down & by proxy so were the member dues & this caused them to have to get creative in their operations. This included renting out some of their ground floor space to a restaurant in order to make ends meet.

By 1982 the Masons couldn’t afford to make the repairs needed to keep the building in good standing with Fire & Seismic regulations. Due to this they were forced to sell the building to singer Rosita Labello.

Labello began an Opera & Theatre company from this building, but struggled to get it up and running & only a few operatic productions were held there before she sold the building back to the Masonic Lodge at some point prior to 1986.

In 1986, Detroit developer James Hoseyni signed a 20 year lease with a 3 year option to buy the building at 2.7 million dollars. It’s not implicitly stated if Hoseyni exercised that option to buy, but it is reported that Hoseyni led a 1.5 million dollar renovation in 1992. This does at least make clear that he was still involved with the building 6 years after first making the scene.

These renovations involved making it possible to house a 250 seat cabaret, 500 seat Jazz theater, & an 800 person dance club. In September of 1987 the building was reopened as the “Hollywood Live Entertainment Pavilions”.

Hollywood Live” lasted only a short time.

I’ll pause here to mention that I find this historical biography to be highly suspect.

It is not a normal thing for a Freemason Lodge to essentially “Go Out of Business” due to membership decline. This isn’t even a normal happenstance in locations that have much less population to draw from & much more in the way of factors that could potentially cripple a local economy.

It is very hard for me to believe that the lodge in Hollywood, Los Angeles would be any kind of a serious candidate to be an outlier in this way.

I also am confident that readers of this site would also have a hard time believing that Hollywood would be the one place that interest in Freemasonry would dwindle & become expendable by existing members when looking for places to cut corners and save money, causing a mass exodus of members to simply quit and move onto other ventures.

Following this historical timeline from Wikipedia would suggest that the Masons sold in 1982, but it’s then firmly stated that they then reacquired the property at some time prior to 1986.

The circumstances in which Hoseyni takes at least semi-control of the property, is left purposefully very vague.

There is no reason to suggest that the Masons don’t still own a primary stake in this building, or more accurately “Buildings” as we’re about to see.

After the “Hollywood Live” performance center & dance club quickly shuttered it’s doors, this is when Disney enters the picture & becomes a more permanent fixture with the Hollywood Freemasonic Temple.

The current title for the Hollywood Masonic Temple is now the “El Capitan Entertainment Center”, it is similarly named to the structure it is connected to.

The El Capitan Theatre is a fully restored movie palace at 6838 Hollywood. The theater and adjacent Hollywood Masonic Temple (now known as the El Capitan Entertainment Centre) is owned by The Walt Disney Company and serves as the venue for a majority of the Walt Disney Studios’ film premieres.

I’ll jump back into the “official” timeline of how this all came to develop, but I do feel that this is a good place to state an opinion on what this very well could “mean”.

Those of us familiar with the concept of Predictive programming & similarly aware of the countless Instances of highly suspicious examples of this process can likely see the potential occult benefit of premiering these same blockbuster movies in a literal Masonic Temple.

Some who are reading this might also be familiar with the “Hypnotic” aspect of cinema & how this figured into the carefully chosen name of “HollyWood”.

Hollywood” is a reference to the Holly Wood that was used by the “Druidmagical practitioner as a wand to focus powerful wishes.

Hollywood is built upon a culture whose foundation is built largely on magic and witchcraft. Mickey Mouse even holds in his hand a wand and sprays magical stars just before every Disney movie.

This brings us back to the Disney connection which came into clarity very soon after “Hollywood Live” quickly went out of business.

Late in the 1980s, Disney purchased a controlling stake in one of Pacific Theatres’ chains, leading to Disney’s Buena Vista renovating the El Capitan Theatre by 1989. This theater became Disney’s flagship house.

They spent $14 million on a complete renovation of the structure, restoring much of the building’s original decor as well as the theater’s original name. El Capitan reopened in 1991 with the premiere of The Rocketeer.

This will be the first place in which I’ll show some of the number symbolism that usually are the focus of my work.

The Rocketeer is reported to have begun filming on September 19 1990 & its last day of filming is reported to have concluded on January 22 1991.

I took specific notice of the inclusion of these start & end dates as it is rare for this specific information to be included in the standard biography of a movie. In my opinion, this usually means that there is special intended significance in the way of symbolism involved.

The movie premiered at the El Capitan – Hollywood FreeMason Temple on June 19 1991 & later enjoyed wide release on June 21 1991.

The symbolism that caught my immediate interest was that these dates reveal that the movie was premiered exactly 148 days after shooting wrapped.

I similarly noticed that The Rocketeer has a running time of 1:48.

These numbers being a perfect match caused me to look for potential additional “meaning” involved.

14.8 hours Is 2:48 PM

This is the 888th minute of a day. It is also 9:11 before midnight (negative space)

The 148th day of the year is May 28 or as written In the US format 5/28.

528 minutes Is 8:48 and this is equal to 8.8 hours.

8:48 AM is 911 minutes before midnight.

I am sure there are enough instances of encoded symbolism to do with The Rocketeer to populate Its own dedicated article, but I do think those already listed show enough to keep the overall curiosity strong.

However, there is one additional glaring bit of symbolism involved with the date of Disney’s flagship premiere.

This initial El Capitan premiere occurred exactly 3119 days before the millennium date of January 1 2000.

That is 3 total instances of the 911 symbolism being encoded into the “Negative Space” of this initial Disney Masonic Temple premiere.

This 9/11 related symbolism is very much showing up more often than can be considered simply coincidental.

Disney soon also took a bigger interest in the adjacent building that had served as the main dwelling of the Masonic Temple.

From the November 18 1995, Toy Story premiere until January 1, 1996, Disney rented the Masonic Convention Hall, the next-door building, for “Totally Toy Story”, an instant theme park and a promotional event for the movie.

In July 1998, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution ultimately purchased the convention hall to continue using it as a promotional venue. A Disney Store location opened next to the theater in the El Capitan Building in 1998.

“Toy Story” premiered at The El Capitan on November 18 1995 before moving on to Wide Release as of November 22 1995.

As many people know, the Yale based secret society known as “Skull & Bones” holds sacred the number ‘322’ for reason(s) that they purposefully do not offer explanation towards.

Toy Story’s premiere happened on the 322nd day of 1995.

The movie has a running time of 81 minutes and March 22nd or 3/22 is the 81st day of the year.

While on the subject of Skull & Bones, I’ll bring up Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise as it’s a relatable theme.

The 1st in what has blossomed into 5 films & counting was the “Curse of the Black Pearl”.

This incarnation has a running time of 143 minutes.

143 minutes is equal to 2:23 & this is simply 322 In reverse.

That movie premiered at the Disneyland theatre rather than the El Capitan. It premiered on June 28 2003 while everyone else had to wait until July 9 2003 to see the film.

It’s good to remember here that numbers or more correctly the “symbolism” involved, is not inherently “evil” & while it should be noted that while it may be powerful, the responsibility of its usage falls squarely on the shoulders of the human(s) involved and their own specific “intent”.

The folly of the few who have access to this advanced knowledge regarding this secret science, is that they want to “control” & this reveals itself to be what we’d identify as “evil” Intent.

I know some people who immediately feel as if it is a bad omen if presented with one of these “infamous” numbers during their day to day activities & unfortunately this is the exact preferred reaction in the view of the “few” who know these sciences. This is why & by whom many urban legends and superstitions were manufactured in the first place.

Returning to the El Capitan theatres timeline …

The next big Disney Event was the June 21, 1996, premiere of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

This premiere took place 217 days after the Toy Story premiere.

217 is important.

It’s so Important that the WTC towers fell 2-1-7 on 9/11/2001.

The last one toppled over even though the plane never got around to hitting it.

2/17 is the 48th day of the year & 48 is a hugely Important number to become familiar with in the study of the symbolism language.

48 minutes is equal to .8 hours.

Additionally 2:17 is equal to 137 minutes & in quantum physics 137 is known as the Cosmic Number. It’s considered a highly important piece to the overall puzzle of reality & is as of yet not sufficiently solved.

137 is also the 33rd PRIME NUMBER

Below is from Wikipedia page for the number 137.

Very interestingly though we can also connect this premiere to more recent events at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Primarily, the fire that engulfed the cathedral on April 15 2019.

8333 days separate this movie premiere and the fire in 2019.

This is also equal to 1190 weeks & 3 days. Displaying another direct marker to the number 3119 shown above.

3119 is the 444th prime number.

8 x 333 = 2664 & 2664 minutes is equal to 44.4 hours.

These things tie together in many ways & it’s not just from one event to another. It’s a larger overall pattern if you pull the camera back correctly.

Paris was also In the news in 2015 for the Charlie Hebdo Terrorist attacks in which 137 people were killed.

Again the “Cosmic Number” and a direct correspondence to 217 via 2:17.

The Charlie Hebdo incident took place 1248 days before Notre Dame burned.

1248 minutes into a day Is 8:48 PM & 8:48 is equal to 8.8 hours.

On the other side of the coin, the Paris terror attacks took place 7084 days after the Disney premiere of “The hunchback of Notre Dame” & 7084 minutes is equal to 4 days 22 hours & 4 minutes (444).

There is another well known usage of symbolism regarding those numbers 4-22-4.

The 4th letter of the Alphabet is D

The 22nd letter is V.

So 4-22-4 could be easily translated as D-V-D.

Taking it one step further in a way to show how many layers of correspondences exist.

In Hebrew vowels are minimized.

DVD would coincide with DiViDe.

Not too long after The Hunchback of Notre Dame premiered, the El Capitan’s full restoration was completed in December 1997. This included the 57 foot sign tower on its roof.

The Hollywood Masonic Temple’s address is 6840 Hollywood Blvd.

57 feet is equal to 684 inches.

Much like with The Rocketeer Example, this repeating number is not a coincidence in my opinion.

There is something “hypnotic” about the qualities that this number symbolizes.


684 inches

This is directly related to why the “official” time that the first plane hit the WTC was at 8:46 AM on 9/11/2001.

And how the time marker 8:46 became a unified mantra in the delayed aftermath of the George Floyd incident. This timestamp was given to the amount of time his breathing was restricted. The details of this amount of time were reported much differently in the first few days after the incident.

How 8:46 became the sudden universally recognized timestamp? This remains a mystery.

This number represents a highly hypnotizing aspect of this secret science & it has long been used to control “the narrative” in varied sets of circumstances.

While it’s not immediately evident on its surface, it Is directly related to the 911 symbolism & if properly recognized, can be seen woven into a mind blowing amount of world events stretching back much further than 2001.

The El Capitan has played host to a multitude of movie premieres over the last 25 years and I guarantee we could find these symbolic encodings in each & every one of them.

Perhaps if prompted I will pick back up on the timeline where I am leaving off & do just that, but in the interest of length I will have to put a pin in 1996 for the time being.

There is one more highly interesting tidbit that I believe will present easily connectable dots to those that may be reading this website.

The curious case of Jimmy Kimmel.

I’ve been aware of Jimmy Kimmel for a long time, in fact, I remember watching “Win Ben Stein’s Money” on Comedy Central in the mid 90’s and seeing a very young Kimmel on that show.

However I became much more aware of him through listening to LoveLine when Adam Corolla & Dr.Drew were the co-hosts of the show (‘95-‘05). I highly recommend looking up the shows archives for anyone wanting to learn more about psychology and other related ideas in the best & funniest way possible.

Classic Loveline MP3 streamable Archive

Adam & Jimmy were best friends & thats probably an understatement. Kimmel was a regular guest and occasionally would fill in for either Adam or Drew as a guest host. Later Kimmel did “The Man Show” & “Crank Yankers” with Carolla as well.

Something” happened to Jimmy Kimmel.

He isn’t the same person & while I think publicly, his and Adam’s BFF status is still In tact, I really can’t imagine that they could stand to share company if in fact Kimmel’s public persona is anywhere accurate to his private persona.

It’s a bizarre change recognizable to anyone who has a surface remembrance, of who Jimmy “used to be”.

I think I may have found a clue as to what has happened in this instance & it possibly surpasses the popular snap reaction that he simply “sold out” for his late night talk show. I do believe it may be more sinister than just a standard case of selling out.

The following is a direct quote from the Wikipedia page for “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is an American late-night talk show, created and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, and broadcast on ABC. The nightly hour-long show made its debut on January 26, 2003 at Hollywood Masonic Temple in Hollywood, California as part of ABC’s lead-out programming for Super Bowl XXXVII.

He films his show at the Hollywood Masonic Temple (6840 Hollywood Blvd)

If he is just an instance of “Selling Out” , It would appear he went “All In” compared to most people who’ve chosen this path.

On a related note, pictured below is MTV’s NYC headquarters.

The author can be found on Twitter @ZenOfTupac

The Day The Music Died. The Anatomy of Synchronization.


I did a deep dive into this same subject matter back in late 2015 or possibly early 2016, shortly after I’d begun to see “Code” in many measurable events throughout history.

During the 1st year of this new found ability I was more scattered as I was taking in so much at once, but this initial “Creative Fever” turned out to be the foundation for the skills I have been able to develop & subsequently transform into a more focused state by way of repetition and time.

Back in 2015 the Holly/Valens plane crash had immediately struck me as being a highly important event. On my first go round I had primarily attempted to compare the connection of the Plane Crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and “The Big Bopper” with the song American Pie that served as a memorial to this tragedy.

American Pie being alternately known as “The Day The Music Died” was written & performed by Don McLean.

I’ve kept that initial focus & have now also included another similarly tragic event that I believe to be intimately related in a way that defies exact explanation. The 1977 plane crash involving Southern Rock groupLynard Skynard” that claimed 6 lives, including 3 members of the band itself.

I’m not necessarily implying that anything sinister was at play here, in the way of someone(s) sabotaging these planes on a certain schedule to create the symbolism based correspondences that exist.

While plane crashes are many times not accidental as claimed & do in fact involve malicious human intent , I look at this set of examples as quite possibly being a sequence of “naturallyoccurring coincidences that when viewed from the proper perspective may in fact provide a slight look into the anatomy of synchronization via intelligent design.

There is a persistent illusion that things happen randomly & by “chance”, but this simply isn’t the case. I’ve continually and consistently found cyclical patterns based on linear time that invisibly connect many relatable events In both well known history & just as often, personal history that likely only has specific significance to an average person and their small close circle of friends/family.

Hopefully I can show you what I mean using these well known events as an example.

The Anatomy of Synchronization or Synchromysticism

The Plane Crash that serves as the foundation for this study occurred on February 3rd 1959.

Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, & J.P. Richardson bka “The Big Bopper” perished along with the Pilot in the plane crash.

Additionally there were some other prominent names intimately involved in the sequence of events that led to the tragedy.

Buddy Holly had chartered the plane due to their tour bus having had intermittent mechanical problems during a 24 day24 city tour that they were currently in the midst of, additionally it’s been reported that the Bus had no working heat & this had all taken place during an especially cold winter stretch of weather.

J.P. Richardson had asked Buddy Holly band-member Waylon Jennings if he could have his seat on the plane due to illness and had been granted permission by Jennings to take the ill fated seat.

Buddy Holly‘s backing band was known as “The Crickets” and as a collective they were billed as “Buddy Holly & The Crickets”.

Waylon Jennings would later surge to “OutlawCountry superstardom of his own in later years after having been spared from the crash in that serendipitous moment. Jennings would later pass away in 2002 & we’ll re-visit this soon.

Ritchie Valens who was known to have a long standing phobia of flying had decided for whatever reason that he would much rather take the plane to the next town, rather than the disastrous tour bus.

This led to an infamous coin flip involving another member of “The CricketsTommy Allsup.

While not quite as famous as Waylon Jennings, Allsup went onto enjoy a long & critically acclaimed career in the music industry himself.

He passed away in 2017 and made some cryptic statements about his impending death before it happened. We will work our way back around to this as well.

It was initially thought that Allsup had in fact passed away in the Plane crash as he had given his wallet to Valens in order for an expected piece of mail to be picked up at the hotel that the plane passengers would be arriving to in advance of the Bus passengers. This wallet was found amongst the wreckage and for a short time in the immediate aftermath it was erroneously reported that Allsup had also perished in the crash.


In 1971 Don McLean released one of the most famous songs in American history in “American Pie”.

It directly references “The Day The Music Died” & how this seemingly affected American youth culture.

This song represents a great instance of a work of art being very well timestamped.

Usually the only date you can count on finding readily available is the official release date, but in this case it is additionally known the exact date that the album version of the song was recorded.

Additionally & especially interesting in this case, the date & details of the first live performance are also a known quantity.

This single was released on OCTOBER 24 1971

It was recorded on MAY 26 1971

And it was first performed on MARCH 14 1971

The date of 1st performance really jumped out at me when I first saw it back in my initial study.

AMERICAN PIE was initially performed on PI DAY 1971 as 3/14 is the date which symbolizes 3.14 PI.

It also caught my attention how McLean is insistent on this fact and has went out of his way to dispute what he sees as inaccuracies in claims to the contrary.

This part does strike me as if he “purposefully” chose that date as it is important to him & his creative process in relation to this song in particular.



I’m going to introduce this last element before going back and pointing out how all of it seemingly connects In many instances of correspondence using measures of TIME & other symbolism.

On OCTOBER 20 1977 at the peak of their Popularity , the band Lynard Skynard was involved in a plane crash that killed 3 band members, their manager, & 2 more passengers. It also severely injured many of the surviving band members & other passengers.

Amongst the deceased was Founding member, Lead Vocalist, & primary lyricist Ronnie Van Zant.

The plane crash occurred while traveling from a show in Greenville, South Carolina to another show in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The crash occurred just 3 days after Lynard Skynard had released their newest album “STREET SURVIVORS” on October 17 1977. This album would be their highest charting album and was destined for that distinction even if the plane crash hadn’t added additional interest.

The Album would eventually go double platinum and features a photo of the band engulfed in flames on its cover artwork. This was released in stores 3 days before the plane crash. Amongst its many memorable tracks was the classic song “THAT SMELL” which had a stand-alone single release on November 23 1977.

The Single for THAT SMELL released exactly 2222 days after AMERICAN PIE released in 1971.


I’ve laid out my 3 principle events.

A. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, & Big Bopper plane crash along with taking note of survivors Waylon Jennings & Tommy Allsup.

B. Don McLean’s performance, recording, & release of all time classic “American Pie” memorializing the 1959 plane crash.

C. Lynard Skynard 1977 plane crash killing half of the band, including frontman Ronnie Van Zant. Occurring at the height of their fame & artistry, 3 days after releasing their highest charting album.

Let’s see how they compare & contrast to each other.

DAYS between 1959 & 1977 Plane Crashes.

6834 days.

On its surface nothing too spectacular jumps out at you, but it was me running this number again for the first time in about 4 years that led me back down this rabbit hole with comparatively much improved command of these measurements.

If we take the 6834 DAYS and translate it into MINUTES instead, an interesting result shows up immediately.

(days & minutes are both cyclical measurements that have a close relation to each other & so it’s similar to a translation of language versus the potential initial takeaway that it would be an apples-oranges comparison)

6834 minutes is equal to 113.9 HOURS

113.9 corresponds to the base number(s) of where I find much of the magical symbolism that I come across.

Additionally & this is important.

3119 is the 444th PRIME NUMBER.

This is a secret of known importance , but only known by few as its highly protected knowledge.

It can be figured out independently however & I am one example of this possibility.

Below is one more example.

It can produce “Magical” results.

But back to the 2 plane crashes.

3119 or 9113 & other variations of same has a strong tendency to show up in very important places if looked for from the correct perspective(s).

I’ll mention here my own THEORY of this number.

I believe it to be one of the primary “actionable codes” (symbolism) to do with how synchronization works. I believe it to be “naturally occurring” via intelligent design. I also would contend that this is something that was identified & began being studied long ago.

This is a “hidden science” that is only passed down in extremely limited circles & even then only in a way that can be described as “mouth to ear” & never written down in a direct manner.

It is also encoded into various artworks of widely varied manner. This is done many times by the “good guys” in order to pass down this divine knowledge to those with the “eyes to see” it in future generations. It’s about more than just this one prime number , but I do believe this is one of the most important ones as would apply to the “world of action” in particular.

These patterns are of naturally occurring description (proof of God imo) but they are also known of by that select few people who go to a lot of trouble to protect the knowledge while simultaneously steering us further and further away from “accidentally” stumbling across it. As opposed to the “good guys” referenced above, this self believed “elite” would represent the “bad guys” aspect of both history and the NOW.

This “Bad Guy” element “encodes” this symbolism into their “man made” events in order to trick our subconscious into believing that these planned events ( Ex: 9/11 – Pearl Harbor – Mass Shootings etc ) are in fact “acts of god” due to the “counterfeitdivine symbolism that has been inserted by these “planners“.

Our Subconscious is fluent in this Language of Symbolism and while our conscious mind has long been nearly completely oblivious, we have as a collective made great strides over the last 20-30 years.

The symbolism I’m picking up in the events referenced in this article seem to me to be more of the “genuine article” despite the unfortunate circumstances. Man made encoding is much less intricate than the real thing but this is a theory in progress. This may well be a mixture of intelligent design and man-manipulated encoding.


Those of you who have followed me for awhile already know that I often mention quite cryptically that 218 is the number of the Alchemist. It took me awhile to isolate the 218, but I do believe this has been in my lexicon since some point in 2016.

The Symbolism language is all about correspondences & many of those correspondences lead back to 218. This includes everything I posted above about 3119.

I can’t do a paint by numbers explanation of how this “is” but in your subconscious mind, you already know it like you know the back of your hand & so hopefully you can tap into it via repetition of examples.

Despite my self belief in the idea that I could probably do a good job communicating the subject in a step by step process, it’s “Against The Rules” as inexplicable as that may sound.

If I were to try to write an article walking you through it , I’d open myself up to some bad karmic wrath.

Additionally, despite my self perceived ability to be able to walk the reader through it, if I were to attempt it … it just wouldn’t “work” for reasons inexplicable to me. It’s got a mystical quality that cannot be “worked around” unfortunately.

That Said …

218 IS most definitely the NUMBER OF THE ALCHEMIST.

Time Elapsed between the release of AMERICAN PIE and the 1977 Plane Crash

Remember in BACK TO THE FUTURE Marty McFly Accelerated to 88 MPH on the 12th of November to Travel back to 1985?

2188 – 8812

That is one good “Coincidence” showing the 218 symbolism here is a better one below.


12 yrs 8 mos 21 days

21 8 from either perspective.

*NOTE* It may seem that this 218 business is vague through & through , but this isn’t the case. Once you “know” what 218 “is” you’ll see that’s its an important portion of a very exact time based EQUATION & clarity is indeed established.

12 yrs 8 mos 21 days is but one CORRESPONDENCE (key) another correct way to look at this stretch of time would be 4646 days.

Briefly see this number like ALICE might in the LOOKING GLASS.

4646 becomes 6464

8×8=64 , so one could see 6464 as (8×8)(8×8)

Bringing it back to 4646 or even keeping it as 6464 you could also get this result by changing perspectives.


576 is 9.6 hours or 9:36 (Tesla)

I show these different workarounds to stress the importance of correspondences.

Some noted symbolism to do with the number 46 below.

46 Symbolism – Complete

Viewing it in REVERSE one last time 6464

This is an interesting aspect.

311 is the 64th PRIME NUMBER


8.8 hours BEFORE MIDNIGHT is 3:11 PM

3:11 PM is the 911th minute of the Day

Quarantine Began on 3/11 <2020>

3:11 PM is 15:11 on a 24 HR Clock

15th letter is O

11th letter is K

15:11 = OK but in reverse this would be KO

OK = Good

KO = Knocked Out

OK is a stick man ( on side ) hieroglyphic

KO is the same stick man with his head literally knocked off = KO’d

This is all pertinent symbolism & should give additional emphasis to the importance of correspondences and a glimpse into how deep the study of symbolism goes (to great results).

Looking into Don McLean‘s various song date markers some more.

Time between first performance of AMERICAN PIE on PI DAY and the recording of the Album version gives 73 days OR …

2 months 12 days

212 degrees is when water BOILS creating STEAM.

This is Important in the world of ALCHEMY.

* Think of the WITCH melting (steam) in The Wizard of OZ, The Steam Engine Time Machine in Back To The Future 3, or even MICKEY MOUSES “Debut”.

So Far Don McLean seems to be following an ALCHEMICAL Formula.

(Below) Time Elapsed between First Performance and Commercial Release – 224 days.

The 224th day of the Year is 8/12

21 8 is the NUMBER of The ALCHEMIST


OCTOber used to be 8th month as OCTOgon is an 8 sided geometric figure.


OCTO 24 is akin to 8/888

Much like Kobe Bryant wore Jersey Numbers 8 & 24 in his Laker career.

Is DON MCLEAN a Conduit or is he really good at this Language of Symbolism?

Finally the SINGLE version of the Song comes in at 4:11

Here is something about 4:11 & maybe it’s even a reason why this number was assigned to be the telephone number for “INFORMATION” in the U.S.

4:11 PM the 971st minute of the DAY

4:11 PM would also be seen as 16:11 on a 24 hour clock. ( compare 16:11 to 9/11/1 )

971 minutes is equal to 16.18333 hours

The DIVINE RATIO or PHI is 1.618033

DON MCLEAN has in effect produced a SONG which would go on to be a certified timeless classic named American PIE , first performed on PI DAY (a fact MCLEAN is adamant about having reported correctly).

The SINGLE is Timed perfectly to CORRESPOND to PHI as well.

The one readily famous example that I can give in which an artistic venture perfectly incorporates the aspects of PI & PHI in perfect symphony together is this below.

In addition to the PI & PHI correspondences.

The song has been encoded with 212 ( degrees ) and release on the symbolic date of 8/888.

This well may be a good peak into a certain kind of divine formula for legitimately timeless art.

TIME ELAPSED between PI DAY 1971 and 1977 PLANE CRASH ( BELOW )

2412 Days

Again let’s change to Minutes

2412 Minutes is equal to 40.2 HOURS

The next correspondence down from 40.2 is particularly interesting to me.

40.2 Hours is also equal to 1 day & 16.2 hours

This further breaks down to 1 day 16 hours 12 minutes.

1 16 12 compare to 9 11 21 (2001 sans zeros)



Law of Reverse – Looking Glass

TIME ELAPSED BETWEEN 1959 PLANE CRASH & PI DAY 1971 – 1st Performance of AMERICAN PI in PHI-ladelphia btw (very clever McLean).

4422 pretty easy to see potential for 444 here.

444th PRIME being 3119

4422 minutes is equal to 3 days & 1.7 hours

317 ~ LIE ( reversed in symbolism language)

Does that make 317The Truth“? Just one thought on it , also reminds me of “The Book of ELI”.


PI DAY 1971 (1st performance of AMERICAN PIE by Don McLean) really does appear to serve as a HUB or center of measure for many of these connected events.

(Below) Time Elapsed between PI DAY ’71 & the Death of WAYLON JENNINGS who gave up his seat on the PLANE that crashed in 1959 to JP RICHARDSON aka THE BIG BOPPER.

30 years & 330 days333

WAYLON JENNINGS passed away 8882 days after the LYNARD SKYNARD plane crash. This in itself is interesting to me in a few ways to do with symbolism.

1st off, having 888 to begin the number thread is pretty good, but not quiteFour of a Kind” like 8888 would be … 8 8 8 2 with the 2 being the “odd duck“.


I’ve long been of the strong opinion that in the world of symbolism a 2 is interchangeable with an 8.

This is because the 2nd letter in the Alphabet is B & a “B” is a visual8when viewing the language of symbolism.

This shows up in H2O (water) inspiring imo HBO as a corporate label for the popular channel.

Calling back to something I mentioned above in how the single THAT SMELL (from Lynard Skynards album released 3 days before their plane crash) released 2222 days after AMERICAN PIE released ( 2222 – BBBB – 8888 ).

TIME ELAPSED between THAT SMELL ( a song about DEATH it should be noted ) and the passing of WAYLON JENNINGS ( below )

8848 DAYS

This is an important measure to commit to memory.

48 minutes is .8 hours.

88 hours and 48 minutes would be accurately noted as 88.8 hours.

It could also be seen accurately as 3.7 days.

3 & 7 shows up a lot in these events, a few times that I’ve written about and at least a half dozen more times In my parallel research that I haven’t moved to the article.

One prominent 3 & 7 combination that should be taken into account here is that PI DAY aka 3/14 is the 73rd day of the calendar year.

AdditionallyAMERICAN PI was first performed on PI DAY 71, which was the 73rd day of the year. DON MCLEAN then recorded the album version of the song exactly 73 days later on MAY 26 71.

It’s becoming evident in my view that Don McLean May have really put a lot of thought into this whole sequence of events.

TOMMY ALLSUP has an additional interesting detail regarding his eventual death on JANUARY 11 2017. ALLSUP’s son reported that his father had LONG claimed to know the exact day he would die.

He mentioned JAN 11th in prior times when mentioning this belief, but had never added a year to his statement.

In December 2016 while in poor health, he revealed to his son that this day of expected passing would be JAN 11th of the upcoming year 2017 & claimed to have known this all along.

It seemed to my takeaway that he believed he had gained knowledge of this date around the same time and likely due directly to the events having to do with the plane crash in 1959. TOMMY ALLSUP is the man who LOST the coin toss to decide who got the last seat on the Plane that would crash shortly after take-off.

Tommy Allsup did in fact die on 1/11/17 as he had predicted.

Tommy Allsup lived 21161 days after losing the fateful coin flip.

21161 compare to 91121 (9-11-2001 sans zeroes)

I often point out on my twitter posts that if you take the letters USA in alphabetical order like this …

U21st S19thA1st

You are left with 21 19 1




This is also why Inauguration takes place (no exceptions) on 1/20 at 12 noon.

1st month 19 completed days 12 noon of next day.

1 19 12

There is SOMETHINGimportant” about these numbers and ALLSUP’s fall into this category as well. Further intriguing due to the claim that he had long made about knowing his exact date of eventual death.

One last example I’ll point out here that covers both an instance of the 91121 number string and also 888.

TIME ELAPSED between PI DAY 1971 and the Death of TOMMY ALLSUP.

Another highly interesting connection to PI DAY 71.

Converting DAYS to MINUTES as we’ve done before.

16740 minutes is exactly 279 hours.

This also translates to 1 week & 111 hours.


Also correctly it could be broken down to 11 days & 900 minutes

119 ~ 911 <Looking Glass>

Bringing back up the 279 hour correspondence

The 279th day of the year is OCTober 6

Applying the OCTO(GON)BER symbolism , let’s look at this as 8/6 ( Eighty Six’d – double meaning )

8/6 ( AUG 6 ) is the 218th day of year.

218 is the number of the Alchemist.

Being 86d is not good ( kicked out or thrown out – banned )

Would the opposite side of the Same coin (8/6 – 218th being opposite) be the opposite extreme? In this way a positive thing rather than negative in being 86‘d?

Same logic as LIE possibly causing 317 to equate to “The Truth“.

One final oddity I happened to notice as I was wrapping this post up is this … in 1994 I became suddenly aware of a Rock band named WEEZER when they released a hit single titled BUDDY HOLLY.

The HAPPY DAYS themed video was immediately a constant presence on MTV during the waning days of when they regularly played music videos.

The Single for BUDDY HOLLY was purposefully released by the band on what would have been the singers 58th birthday.

The 58th day of the year is 2/27 & this is also a day having to do with PI.

22 divided by 7 ( 22/7 ) is equal to PI ( 3.14 )

Additionally 5/8 is the 128th day of the year & in leap years 8/5 is the 218th day of the year. Both instances communicating the number 218 which is the number of the alchemist.



As often happens, my perspective changes & I learn more as I write these pieces. I usually come into writing them with about 50% of the information that ends up being added to the finished product as I research more while I write.

I also try to make a concentrated effort to get to a completed article on the same day that I start an article as I have a bad habit of not going back to finish posts that have a significant amount of work done on them. A look at my saved drafts would bear this out unfortunately.

What I learned as I wrote this one to completion or at least to an agreeable stopping point is that perhaps Don McLean is a master practitioner of ALCHEMY?

Or is he a conduit for an important work brought down through him that additionally had all of the divine symbolism earmarks organically woven into the details that ended up encompassing the work?

This is the same discussion that applies to the Back To The Future movies & Director/Writer Robert Zemeckis.

BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11

Is it done knowingly or via the subconscious mind and it’s “connection” to something that defies tidy explanation?

This I don’t know & perhaps it will turn out to be something that can only be described as unknowable?

If I can figure it out , I will write about it here.

Follow the Author on Twitter @ZenOfTupac

Santería at the Super Bowl, Kobe Bryant, and Covid-19

On the morning of January 26th 2020, Retired NBA great Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant & 7 others died after being involved in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

This Helicopter crash happened the same day as the 2020 Grammys & by the time that the Music awards show aired that evening, a tribute to the Nine victims had been worked into the program.

The tribute itself had struck some as odd & In a post I’d published in June 2020 , I had pointed out that one strange aspect had been the primarily white wardrobe chosen as It had mimicked what one might expect to see In a voodoo ceremony.

The Calabasas tragedy and the 2020 Grammy’s both happened on the Sunday one week immediately prior to Super Bowl LIV.

I do believe that I’ve found some interesting information that may In fact bring clarity to what could be seen as a much more sinister overall happening.

Super Bowl LIV took place on 2/2/2020. This is obviously an interesting date as there is certainly potential significance in the fact that this date breaks down quickly & easily into 2-2-2-2.

February 2nd is also the 33rd day of the year & in a leap year like 2020, this is also 333 days before the end of the year.

When first taking all of this into consideration , the date of the Super Bowl was what 1st inspired a deeper look as I generally deal with matters of “Time“.

What I found out additionally about this date ended up taking me in another direction for the time being.

Kansas City defeated San Francisco in the Super Bowl, but my interest had more to do with this …

It’s a known quantity that the Super Bowl annually attracts an immense viewership. This includes many people who won’t watch any other football at any time the rest of that given year.

The Halftime Show has long been a spectacle that reflects this huge expected viewership.

Jennifer Lopez & Shakira headlined the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.

The JLO VooDoo/Santería claims have been floating around publicly for quite some time & have originated from various sources who at one time or another carried on a personal or professional relationship with JLO.

Prior to writing this post, I had never specifically looked into whether or not Shakira had these same types of rumors swirling around her background & not surprisingly she also has a similarly longstanding reputation for being a practitioner of Santería.

Taking into consideration the tragic deaths of 9 people in the prior weeks Calabasas Helicopter crash. In addition to both of our co-headliners alleged connections to the “Dark Arts“, let’s consider the Holiday that 2/2/2020 landed upon.

February 2nd is for OYA. Here is some more about OYA:

Right away , there is something startling here as it potentially pertains to the prior weeks tragedy.

OYA is known as the “Mother Of Nine” as she gave birth to 9 children but all were stillborn.

9 people died in the Helicopter Crash that included Kobe Bryant.

The Helicopter Crash was caused by a “Heavy Fog” that reportedly moved in “suddenly“.

OYA is the “Owner of Winds & Storms”

& “She brings change, wanted or not, into the lives of humans”< A New Normal? >

This part is important as what I’ll contend is that what began with Kobe took us right into the Covid-19 quarantine ordeal.

Speaking of which re: OYAShe often wears a mask because she likes to protect her privacy” and this is represented in the illustration above as well.

OYA’s army is made up of “egun” (spirits of the dead) and she uses violent winds to blow away everything in her path.

(Calm Before The Storm)

OYA wears a full skirt made of up to 9 different colored pieces of cloth.

Lives in a porcelain sopera which has either 9 different colors or a variation of dark burgundy and brown hues.

“Her number is NINE, so her initiates often wear 9 copper bracelets”

Once again NINE people died on the Helicopter crash the week prior, which was then paid tribute to during the Grammy’s with what appeared to be a Ceremonial VooDoo performance that same night.

And then 1 week later we had what appeared to be a follow up Voodoo/Santería performance performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show by 2 women who would seem to qualify as high level practitioners of the same aforementioned “Dark Arts”.

There is a lot of Symbolism to take apart from their performance, but one of the more memorable instances was what some people thought was simply a misdirected political statement at the time.

What it would come to more clearly represent was in fact the upcoming Quarantine due to Covid-19.

Of course, the most memorable part of the performance was Shakira’s tongue & this is also something that brings back a lot of results when searched in concert with Santería.

Tongues have long played roles in Afro-Caribbean religions like Santería. The Symbolic engine of speech, a tongue can be used in many such faiths to try to get someone to remain silent”.

There is also interesting precedent in the 1 week gap between “events” , In this case the Helicopter crash & potential Grammy ritual leading into the Super Bowl 7 Days later.

In 2012 “A Lot” of people were looking forward to the Mayan Calendar end date on 12/21/12.

7 days earlier on 12/14/12 the Sandy Hook School shooting took place.

When I noticed the 7 day gap separating this incident & the seemingly unrelated event coming up a week later.

I looked into many similarly shocking and allegedly random tragic events to see if there was another notable “event” either 1 week prior or perhaps after & I found many notable examples of this exact scenario playing out many times over.

I’ve pointed out a couple of notable and memorable pieces of symbolism from the halftime show in this article, but I do think it contains much more and would encourage those interested to take another look.

Super Bowl 54 Halftime Show

A proper ritual of this fashion would strive to gain maximum viewership.

The Youtube clip above currently has 191 million views & as for when the event was live, I also noticed a suspicious statistic regarding “in the moment” viewership.

As I’ve mentioned in a few other posts, I believe that “official numbers” are a key aspect to communicating information & these numbers can easily be manipulated to portray intended symbolism.

Why isSymbolismso important?

It’s important because it interacts with our subconscious minds on a deeper level than you’d be comfortable knowing.

Much like many of the “official numbers” I have pointed out having to do with 9/11/2001 , the number in this headline can be whatever “they want it to be“. There is no serious governing authority that demands accuracy & actually means to strictly enforce that demand (see US 2020 elections).

What fits the intended symbolism is what becomes part of the history books.

The actual viewership could be less than 99.9 million or it could be more , but even then if the number “they want” is 99.9 , it’s what it will be.

99.9 Million —– 66.6 million

< Also OYA’s number is staunchly NINE – 999 – The Helicopter Crash happened at 9:06 AM as well – 96 >

When attempting to identify this oft-occurring symbolism , it is very important to remember to take things in backwards (mirrored). This is part of being “Hidden In Plain Sight” & also supplies always useful “plausible deniability” into the equation. There are also other reasons for this, but this is a good primer on the “Why” of its application.

Just as this began with Kobe/Grammy’s before connecting to the Super Bowl , we are also led out to at least (likely numerous) one connection on the way out of the Halftime show.

This ball was always meant to get rolling onto the Covid-19 Quarantine, Election Day, and beyond.

The coveted “Lead-Out” program spot went to the Season 3 premiere of “The Masked Singer“.

This helped it gain 23.7 million viewers for the show immediately following the Super Bowl.

23/7 or July 23 in international format is 204th day of the year

This was the 24th episode of the series in total. There is a reason for this, but at the risk of losing anyone to math anxiety I’ll leave it be here for now … although I’d recommend keeping in mind that “Law of Reversal” here as well.

In addition to the name “The Masked Singer” and having a full audience of mask wearing people, the show itself is just very bizarre.

There are identify “Clue” vignettes that are custom made for a symbolism scavenger hunt and it’s a fruitful search both there and throughout the show as a whole.

While not the same “kind” of show as portrayed in the movie “The Running Man“, the overall feeling of it is very much similar in my opinion.

Post Super Bowl “Masked Singer” full episode

This show could easily fill out a part 2 , but I think I’ll leave it here as an optional look-through.

Although I did screen shot a few pictures to get the “feeling” of it in order to show it here.

The show has a strong “Seattle” theme in both its intro and with one of the contestants “clue” packages despite this celebrity being famously from Cleveland.

Seattle’s upcoming place in world events led me to take notice of this.

Planting a flag at The White House for reasons unexplained within the context of the show.

Nick Cannon walking out with “Secret Service” types, who later put on bunny ears to race a turtle?

Cannon will later wear a plague mask for his walkout on a show that aired the last week of February 2020.

Insane masked audience members who regularly carry themselves in a bizarre manner when a camera happens to point in their general direction.

Interesting Hollywood montage in which the Hollywood sign is destroyed by the masked performers.

A very strange show that people who like to find bits of (barely) hidden symbolism , will surely enjoy looking into.

Setting aside “The Masked Singer” and to wrap up what I feel to be the main connections made in this post.

I do believe that the correspondences leading Kobe to OYA, The Super Bowl & onto Covid 19 begin to solidify In a way to show what I would call legitimate connection.

My goal is always to attempt to put something together in a way that may lead even the slightly skeptic person to see things in a new light & that this will hopefully lead to this person potentially making the next discovery in the same chain of correspondences. The one that solidifies it even further.

The Author of this post can be followed on Twitter @ZenOfTupac

By the Numbers & it’s Easy to See. Do You?

I’m noticing an undeniable pattern in many of the events coming to a head in 2020. I’m hoping to show enough clear instances of repetition of this pattern as to take the reader past the threshold of perceived coincidence.

It’s all about the number 888 w/ an assist from the number 23.

Two notable events that serve as the foundation of this timeline took place on October 5 2017.

President Donald Trump made an memorable yet vague comment about that particular day, describing it as the “Calm Before the Storm“.

Meanwhile on this same day across the country in California, Harvey Weinstein was abruptly “Cancelled” after failing to withstand a storm of his own, one that had begun with a The New York Times article that very morning & concluded with him stepping down from his production company and out of town by days end.

23 Days after the cryptic “Calm Before The Storm” comment , the first Q drop appeared on October 28 2017.

Much speculation had been given to the full meaning of that comment, but even more so it became a question of when this “Storm” would arrive?

The answer was 888 days.

888 days later brought us to March 11th 2020.

Many notable events happened on this day to bring these various elements of a Perfect Storm into play.

Tom Hanks announced that he & his wife Rita Wilson had contracted CoronaVirus. Hanks status as an “everyman” type of celebrity caused people to almost feel like they knew someone personally who had this virus.

Curiously, Harvey Weinstein’s own personal Storm was right on schedule 888 days later as well.

Weinstein was sentenced on 3/11/20 to serve 23 years in Prison. The two narratives that had both began on October 5 2017 had come to their major transition point on the same day in 2020.

Just as the appearance of Q had been on a 23 day delay to the “Storm” comment, Weinstein shared this number 23 in common to that timeline in years sentenced.

This is important & I’ll show how down below.

A few hours later, It was revealed that Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz had now also been diagnosed as having tested positive for the CoronaVirus.

The NBA responded by immediately postponing operations indefinitely, citing the virus as the reason for this decision.

This included any game that had yet to tip off that evening & led to fans already in attendance to be sent home.

This was the beginning of the “Storm” as the NBA & Hanks announcements kicked off the Quarantine in real time.

To tie this together with 2020‘s other major news event and to challenge the idea that it is all coincidental, we can add the case of George Floyd into the equation.

On May 25 2020 George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis by a police officer named Derek Chauvin.

This case has its own fascinating set of circumstances outlined in some additional posts on this website, but for the purpose of this writing I’ll highlight one aspect that very much fits the context here.

George Floyd born on October 14 1973 is reported to have been born 9 years 11 months & 21 days before George Zimmerman who’s DOB is listed as October 5 1983.

This is an easy to see comparison to 9 11 2001 (21).

The match with the George Zimmerman birthdate is very odd and while not yet obvious, this 911 reference does directly tie into the 888‘s being discussed.

The other end of this match really makes the idea of coincidence hard to believe.

George Floyd was killed 8 years & 88 days after the killing of Trayvon Martin.

We are left with at least 3 major events corresponding to this perfect storm of 2020, all having to do with the number 888.

Also we have some seemingly unrelated occurrence of the 911 symbolism intertwined as well, but it’s not quite unrelated.

888 + 23 = 911

888 days of Calm + 23 day delay in first Drop / 911

888 days of Weinstein’s exile + 23 year prison sentence / 911

9 yrs 11 mos 21 days before Zimmerman & 8 years 88 days after T. Martin

It’s a formula , but what kind of formula?

It’s maybe best described as Alchemy that primarily interacts with our subconscious minds.

The presence of this curious 888 day stretch of time found in all of these separate ongoing narratives isn’t where this run of coincidences ends & perhaps we can understandwhy” if we can see what that number may signify to those in the “know“?

Here are some things about the number 888 that are not evident using our normal face value takeaway.

9:11 AM is the 551st minute of the day.

One thing that i hope to highlight here as it is of paramount importance is what I call “Negative Space”.

If you & 1 more similarly “seeing & understanding” person are in a group of 100 total people looking at the time 9:11 AM, it can be safely assumed that in all likelihood the other 98 people see that time & simply reconcile it as time stamp of varying importance based on their immediate circumstances and personal schedule.

Due to the events of 9/11/2001, a few people may note a light to moderate feeling of synchronization due to that 911 symbolism being a “take noticenumber now due to that infamous day along with it also being the first phone number we likely knew of in our youth.

The 2 people with eyes to see will have a different takeaway. It’s about seeing the Negative Space that is already there.

This is applied as a direct law of Satanism above, but I don’t want to necessarily paint it in such a foreboding nature as it’s important to learn this in order to know what to look for & how to train yourself to see it.

Let’s see what the 2 people in my hypothetical group of 100 may well see & be able to use to communicate as it’s a cypher that exists all on its own & needs no outside application.

9:11 AM is exactly 888 minutes before midnight.

888 is a known Divine Number

Since the number 888 is directly associated w/ the above meanings , in this case “The Christ“.

It’s opposite would be considered the Anti-Christ or at least a direct symbolism of same. This is one primary way an opposite is represented.

The 9:11 or 551 minutes is representative of the direct opposite to the 888 energy and/or symbolism.

Once you find an instance such as 9:11, it has a funny way of having the same effect in other circumstances despite seemingly only sharing surface details.

Moving from 9:11 AM to a simplified counting measure of 911 minutes.

The 911th minute of the day is 3:11 PM

Take note that it was on 3/11 that the Quarantine kicked off due to the aforementioned perfect storm of activity. What I would describe as a man-made instance in this case.

3:11 PM is 8 hours & 48 minutes before midnight.

And 8:48 IS 8.8 hours when ran through a calculator.

3:11 PM on a clock also communicates 8.8 hours of negative space.

9/11 as a date also fits this same process.

Many have noticed & mentioned that 9/11 as the 254th day of the year, is 111 days prior to the end of the year.

This is one instance where I’ve seen many people pick up on the potential importance of negative space.

What I haven’t seen yet is the further reconciliation of that 111 day measurement.

The Ceiling number for a year can on one hand be 365 or potentially 366 if it’s a leap year, but it can also be something else that lines up w/ more traditional mathematics.

In this case it would be 999, your first inclination may be to assume it to be 1000, but the zero isn’t a fully authenticnumber“. It’s considered a place holder, so 999 would be the greatest pure number between 1-1000.

999 minus

111 equals


888 (again)

You’ll notice I interchange the units you’d find on a calendar & the units found on a clock. This is ok & in fact encouraged as while these measurements give differing bottom line results, they operate in a very relatable cyclical fashion to each other & it all comes out in the wash w/ similar patterns.

A quick explanation of what I have come to believe is the importance of these measurements as given in the examples above & their continued correspondences.

I am of the mindset that these naturally occurring patterns exist everywhere & with everyone, not just Big events in History & the Media. I also consider this proof of intelligent design, the kind of proof you can check an infinite amount of times as it ties together important events in anyone’s life.

While everything may seem random on the surface, I’ve often been given for example someone’s birthdate, a close relatives birthdate, & maybe the date a very memorable personal to them good or bad thing happened in their life & the measurements can usually find a pattern as to how these things are not just due to random happenstance, but rather on schedule.

I look at what I do as trying to identify synchronicity in how it shows up in relation to linear time. It is like throwing a bucket of paint on the invisible man.

If you learn to see this kind of symbolism and begin comparing the dates you were born versus the dates of your kids birthdates, wedding day, or lots of other notable events … you’ll increasingly see that it’s not so random after all.

I mention this as it would seem that there is a very small % of people who know these secret or occult sciences & not only make sure to protect this information from everyone else, but use or apply this knowledge to manipulate many aspects of what goes on all around us.

It’s not the knowledge or symbolic language that causes what could be considered evil circumstances, it is generally the intent of the people manipulating these neutral intent forces who are responsible for the outcomes.

This extremely long running game of “keep away” is rationalized by these people in many ways. It’s considered a birthright in plenty of cases or something reserved for only those who ascend to the very top ranks of a secret society. Even this is more up to human social politics than a pure sense of worthiness as it’s the already existing top tier who decides whom that might be,

There are reasons why it would be dangerous for certain knowledges like these to just be publicly posted on a Wikipedia page, as people of less than a certain level of emotional maturity & moral compass would quickly negatively affect themselves & others. It would be like giving the car keys to an 8 year old in many cases & that’s what this verse communicates.

However, it also isn’t meant to be kept solely to this minuscule % of people as if it belongs to just “them“.

Over time it has evolved into exactly that type of situation. No longer concerned about simply making sure a potential candidate is worthy & ready before teaching , but rather just considering everyone but themselves to be the “swine” referenced above, in order to justify and rationalize their long standing decision to keep it exclusive only to themselves.

Not only keep it to themselves, but also purposely steer people further away from the ability to learn it naturally by manipulating the education system and media.

Additionally this knowledge has long been “used” to manipulate the many & benefit that same few.

While these patterns occur naturally as mentioned, in a fashion that I’d describe as divine in how it connects what many might consider random happenings into a perfectly weaved design of specific synchronization.

Order out of Chaos

The misuse & manipulation of this knowledge shows up in man-made events that are designed to mimic & blend in as if they were of the naturally occurring variety. This mimicry is attempted by what many who read this site might recognize as encoding certain symbolism into the details of the events to make it seem as if it was the result of Intelligent Design or God. This is how our subconscious mind “reads” these events.

These details are then delivered to us many via primarily the Main Stream Media . I know I’m heavy on numbers in my breakdowns, but this symbolism can be presented in many other various forms as well.

This is basically “Playing God” or I’m sure in many cases this has evolved into a commonly held belief amongst this small % that they are effectively “Being God“.

Since this small % is of course the ones in charge of the MSM & commonly accepted History, these same preferred narratives are played to us over and over again.

The controlling factor is that while this symbolic language has been largely unrecognizable to our conscious waking minds, our subconscious mindsknow” and interact with this lost knowledge. We are all fluent in this symbolic language at some level in our subconscious minds.

I said it “has been” largely unrecognizable to our conscious minds, because as many of us know this has been changing over the last 20 years or so for a rapidly growing % of people.

There has been a mass awakening happening & it is resulting in these symbolic themes to begin to be more and more consciously recognizable in their continued repetition, along with their continued appearances in the most divisive and unfortunate news stories.

It would seem that this would bring us to 2020.

The Storm would seem to be the old guard doing anything & everything to reestablish the kind of system that has been in place for a long time. It’s a desperate all-in that has seen the launch of all available resources & an abandonment of the idea that the narrative should retain some semblance of believability.

When i see the phrase “God Wins” in the drops, to me this is a very basic statement of absolute undeniable fact.

This group of people who have been keeping secret a divine knowledge as if it belonged to just them & also essentially weaponizing the same knowledge against the same people who have an equal right to it.

This same group of people have it in their minds that they might be able slam the door on an unavoidable time of mass awakening?

If they’d take a step back and look at the bigger picture, they might see how ridiculous that idea actually is.


The Wizard of OZ is currently playing out on the World Stage, but why? & how?

I have just recently noticed a very strange series of synchronicities having to do with the events that have been dominating the increasingly bizarre MainStream Media News cycle as of late.

I have already been looking at many of 2020‘s most impactful events from alternate perspectives that are largely based in symbolism & this is a similar approach, but still quite different than my usual content.

Lately I’ve been thinking specifically about the ongoing events that began in late May with the killing of George Floyd In Minneapolis.

Minneapolis was the immediate epicenter, but the unrest quickly spread to different areas throughout the U.S.

Before long another extraordinary situation began to unfold in Seattle, Washington.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone ( CHAZ ) was established by protesters on June 8 2020. This bizarre series of events unfolded quickly as inexplicably there was very little resistance offered by local officials & authorities. In fact, the most accurate summation is that it was simply allowed to happen.

While the potential connections I am going to discuss now may initially seem beyond belief, do consider how unbelievable the official reported news based facts that I’m using for comparison already seem to defy conventional reality.

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” – Dorothy Gale

Hearing someone refer to Seattle as “The Emerald City” on a news report yesterday is what got me thinking. I had previous knowledge of this nickname, but I hadn’t thought about it for a long time. Last week I had done a lot of thinking about the famous nickname of another major U.S. City.

On the Minneapolis side you have “The Twin Cities” & on the Seattle side you have “The Emerald City“.

I didn’t expect it to go much further than an initial correspondence, but soon the matches just kept coming.

This is what I found …

The TWIN Cities

I’ve written a lot about this curious “Twin” symbolism that showed up prominently from differing angles in the George Floyd case.

Twin Cities being more impactful than simply a nickname to Minneapolis , but rather I’d say it’s very near & dear to their collective identity. One place this shows up in is the naming of their MLB team The Minnesota Twins.

Interestingly “Twins” was soon revealed to be a self proclaimed long time nickname used between Floyd & Retired NBA player Stephen Jackson.

Due to the enormity of escalation involving the George Floyd event, I also made comparisons to its potential connection to the symbolism of the “Twin Towers“.

The Wizard of OZ has its own instance of a pair of twins becoming reduced to one prominently included in its plot. Many of us became so familiar with this scene at such a young age that we may have missed its symbolic nature.

The Wizard of OZ‘s Twins are more in line with how George Floyd & Stephen Jackson considered themselves “Twins“. This was described by Jackson as being a natural description due to having had such a close relationship along with looking strikingly similar.

When Dorothy arrives in OZ the Cyclone has put her wayward house on top of The Wicked Witch of the East & she is instantly killed. The Munchkins are overjoyed of course, but right away they communicate to Dorothy that she is in imminent danger as she will soon have to deal with the Wicked Witch of the West for what she has unintentionally done.

The Book offers additional context in relation to their relationship. The Wicked Witches of the East & West were not in fact related , but they had “leagued” together & had become partners all the same.

The book points this out in a fashion as if to nip the potential for confusion in the bud right away as it may regard the depth of their overall relationship.

I took this to indicate that they were so similar in both nature & appearance that someone who didn’t know better would think they were sisters or very possibly “twins“.

So now we are left with a situation in which 2 nearly identical people have suddenly become 1 or twins having become one.

The Twin Towers are destroyed & in their place is the newly constructed single tower.

In Back To The Future , the Twin Pines Mall becomes The Lone Pine Mall.

In Minneapolis George Floyd died tragically & Stephen Jackson remains to grieve his self proclaimed Twin.


Seattle has long & famously been known as “The Emerald City“, although the reasoning for it is somewhat generic.

The handful of online resources I’ve accessed to get clarity on that question, have all had the same response.

The Wizard of OZ synchronicity is acknowledged right off the bat in each instance, but just to mention that there is no known direct connection to the famous book, but rather it is nicknamed simply due to how “Green” everything is due to their large annual rainfall. This is also the reason attributed to the State of Washington’s nickname.

Washington State is nicknamed “The EverGreen State” this brings to my recall former 1st Lady Hillary Clinton whose Secret Service code name is “EverGreen“.

Could HRC be a symbolic match for the Wicked Witch of the West?

Right here I was going to mention Bill Gates & his own potentialWizard of OZ” symbolism due to his Seattle connection & in the process of doing some supporting research, I found that someone else had already made some of these connections long before me.

This is a pretty bizarre find in my opinion.

This book is on Amazon & attributed to “The Hillary Clinton Fanclub” rather than a specific author.

If you go to Amazon and find this book, it will link you to another handful of similarly adjusted classics. Each with Hillary being the heroine & Trump being the villain.

It looks to perhaps be just a self published fan fiction type of book. What I found odd was the Date it was published as this has been available since June 19 2016, nearly 5 months before the 2016 Presidential Election.

While it makes some sense that someone who has very strongly specific political views might publish a series of re-booted classics with Hillary Clinton as the heroine & Donald Trump as the Villain.

However this only makes much sense to me if it was published after the 2016 election when I’m sure there were plenty of “hurt feelings” due to those unexpected results.

It would seem to me that the kind of energy & vitriol needed to take on this kind of project(s) wouldn’t have existed in June of 2016 as that kind of hypothetical author would surely still look at Donald Trump & see a “speed bump” on the way to HRC’s upcoming White House appointment.

I do find this interesting & would love to know the actual source of these books.

Getting back on track though, it is still good to note the potential Bill Gates connection.

While not on a Vaccine publicity tour like Bill Gates, another super-villain like ever present character also deeply associated with Seattle is Jeff Bezos. Amazon was founded in Seattle & he also maintains a primary residence in that same area. This could also be another player in these connections.

The Emerald City is not only is home to Chaz, but it turns out it also shares connections with many of our 2020 main characters.

When this comparative thought 1st came to me, all that it involved was the 2 cities nicknames, a working knowledge of that Twin symbolism & how the George Floyd event & fallout had a healthy dose of it in its details.

I didn’t think that I’d get much further with it , but shortly from there I found a necessary & unlikely 3rd ingredient.


If you think you have a symbolism match for both OZ & The Emerald City, it’s a must that a Yellow Brick Road directly connect these two places, otherwise you’ll only have a couple of interesting coincidences.

When I first began began to look for a long shot potential correspondence for the famous road, I had no idea that a quite literal one would immediately show up. This is the exact moment I knew I’d have a long post to write.

The YellowStone Trail which counts “The Emerald CitySeattle as an origination point seems like something that one of the 4-5 Seattle based websites that I viewed regarding nickname origination might at least mention? If nothing else at least as a “fun fact” but I guess it’s maybe too obvious to notice?

The YellowStone Trail ( compares almost exactly to Yellow Brick Road ) obviously owes some of its namesake to YellowStone National Park which lies directly between Minneapolis & Seattle.

 In the early days of the Yellowstone Trail (generally before the advent of numeric signs and highway designations), the route was identified with yellow bands painted around trees and telephone poles, yellow arrows painted on barns, yellow painted rock piles, and so on.

This road really lived up to the spirit of the Similarly named Yellow Brick Road made famous in the books & later the film.

It went through Minneapolis Minnesota & connected it directly to The Emerald City of Seattle.

While some of the original identifying route signs & garages remaining , The YellowStone trail has mostly given way to newer infrastructure.

In Current day Minnesota The YellowStone Trail roughly follows Highway 212. The red line below marks Highway 212.

I underlined the number 212 up above as it is immensely important in both a symbolic and alchemical sense.

To my immediate view (and hopefully a few others who happen across this site) finding out that not only did a historic road named The YellowStone Trail directly connect The Twin Cities to The Emerald City, but that this historic road has now given way to Highway 212 … this told me that something very strange is indeed going on with the way that current events are unfolding.

I truly wish I could explain the full alchemical importance of that number 212 in a couple of paragraphs, but in fact the reason I created this website was to hopefully eventually teach realistically a “few” people about the magic that this number points towards & it’ll probably take a lot of content to help accomplish that goal.

This is a good opportunity for me to however offer one pertinent & related correspondence directly having to do with 212 that does show its alchemical impact on a more visual physical plane.

212 degrees is the temperature at which water boils.

This is an important chemical reaction , but only at a basic level, but do keep in mind that is a symbolic marker of what this number is a part of as you escalate your understanding. That said do make mental note of the number at least as it’s relation to being the temperature at which water boils for the time being.

I’ll leave this be as I don’t like to give the impression that I’m withholding something that I could possibly share , it’s just different than that & I hope one day you’ll know exactly what I mean by that description.

However one quick notable supporting fact for anyone, but especially for birds Highway 212 is 948 miles long.

Right now we have 3 principle connections. The Emerald City of Seattle & The YellowStone Trail are so strong in their literal correspondence that i imagine it would be the MinneapolisTwin Cities symbolism that I might have the most people currently on the fence regarding.

I think that the type of reader I tend to attract to this site probably does have the sight to see the prominent twin symbolism in the George Floyd event & can at least somewhat recognize the potential for the Twin analogy being specifically present in the inciting incident of the Wizard of Oz.

Hopefully you’ll allow me that temporary benefit of the doubt as I work on strengthening the case against simple coincidence with some other odd connections I have compiled here.

This first thing is probably something some of you will see potential value in & some may not , but it’s been floating around in my head and id rather go ahead & offer it for consideration & not just wish I did later.

I like to look for hidden truths or meaning in words. Fans of Jordan Maxwell might be versed in taking apart words this certain way to find certain truths.

I’ll give a few examples to better explain.

DepressedDeep Rest

Intimacy– Into me you see

Sometimes the truth is hidden in plain sight, so well we don’t notice it & therefore becomes less objectionable.

GovernmentGovernTo Rule or Control MentMental

Government could be seen as a very open & honest statement of intention to Control Minds.

To apply it directly here, Dorothy lands in MunchkinLand.

Very specifically a Land of Munchkins or “Little People”

Looking at Minneapolis, Polis means “City.

For me at least it is not much of a stretch to hear Minneapolis & take away MINI CITY.

Munchkin Land – Mini City

Very much saying the same thing if a certain kind of perspective is adopted.

For a comparable instance showing this same kind of simplicity , we can consider Indianapolis. This was actually a direct inspiration for Charles Hoag who is credited with naming Minneapolis.

Indiana means Land of the Indians & Indianapolis means Indian City.

I know that may seem too abstract or even too simplistic to some, but I do think it’s important & highly interesting as well.

Next we have Judy Garland who famously played Dorothy Gale in the 1939 Film adaptation of The Wizard of OZ.

Born in Grand Rapids Minnesota , also home to the Judy Garland Museum.

I wouldn’t have guessed that Judy Garland was a native Minnesotan prior to looking into potential further connections for this post.

It’s a swell state, Minnesota,” Garland said after her trip. “I’m proud it’s my home, and I know a few hundred thousand of us who feel the same wayJudy Garland after returning home from making The Wizard of Oz


To Qualify Minneapolis as a potential representation for MunchkinLand it should be looked into if The Twin Cities indeed have a history of notable Tornadoes as geographically some places are much more susceptible to this weather phenomenon than others.

The grouping of States south of Minnesota comprise a prominent section of something called “Tornado Alley” & this is in large part due to the flat plains that mostly cover these states, but I’ve never heard too much specifically about Minnesota regarding Tornado Activity, but I also wasn’t listening too closely.

It is worth noting that both Kansas & Nebraska are just South of Minnesota. Dorothy came to MunchkinLand via a Tornado out of Kansas & the eventually revealed actual Wizard of Oz came by way of Omaha Nebraska while getting lost in his Hot Air Balloon.

Minnesota is not only located very closely from where these Wizard of Oz characters hail, It also does in fact turn out to be very Tornado prone.

The Twin Cities area does in fact have a long history of being a potential Tornado hotbed just like their neighbors to the South.

I’ve isolated a few of the most notable instances.

The most recent major Tornado to specifically target Minneapolis (1 dead 48 injured) was on May 22 2011.

9 years & 3 days prior to the George Floyd Incident.

Shortly before that on June 17 2010 there was an official report of 48 separate tornadoes in the area.

3 dead and 45 Injured.

This was 9 years 11 months and 8 days prior to the George Floyd Incident.

And finally …

The last F5 Tornado to have swept through Minnesota did so on 6/16/92.

27 yrs 11 mos 9 days prior to the George Floyd Event.

All of these Minneapolis Tornadoes produce measurements that at the very least are a highly coincidental match for the reoccurring 9/11/2001 set of numbers.

Just to quickly specifically point out the 9 yrs 3 days measurement in case it doesn’t initially look familiar in relation to 9/11. It was an oddly reoccurring figure in the official numbers of that day , two of the most prominent were flight 93 & the South tower being struck at 9:03 AM.

Ill add this additional number match here at it continues the number pattern established by the Tornadoes.

L. Frank Baum Author of The Wizard of OZ died on May 6 1919 or 36911 days prior to the George Floyd Event in Minneapolis.

Some additional correspondences for context below.


As happens many times when a film is adapted from a book, the film version makes certain timerelated necessary cuts of plot points that were very central to the overall story in the book.

Dorothy still comes crashing down in MunchkinLand in the book version, but there are some big differences about their description that doesn’t make it into the movie.

In the book the munchkins favorite color is Blue and past just being their favorite color this is the color of all of their clothing & also the color of their surroundings.

Meanwhile living in the county south of Munchkin County were the QUADLINGS.

The Quadlings were very similar to the the Munchkins in appearance & demeanor, but with one big difference. They all wore Red & their surroundings were Red as well.

Applying this quirky yet important aspect of the book to current events isn’t too challenging. This exists on Twitter for sure, but really everywhere that interest in current day politics exists.

And conversely

The first & best way you can instantly deduce someone’s political loyalty is the color of their sign, shirt, hat. or the color scheme of their Twitter profile. It’s very ever present.

Additionally a literal geographic match is present if assigning Minneapolis, Minnesota to correspond directly to MunchkinLand in Munchkin County. (Map Below)

A map showing Democrat run Minnesota reveals …

Republican Run Iowa is directly South & additionally all four of the states south of Minnesota on this map are considered to be classically RED states that very rarely are considered to have much potential for flipping during a presidential election.

I’ve personally not usually been too interested on which political party currently runs which state, but as of late the fact that Minnesota is a Democratic state has been a hugely important factor concerning what just happened in the Twin Cities.

In addition to that, due to the vast differences involving Covid-19 reopening & places most marred by rioting & looting being very predictable based on the political affiliation of their leadership …. this has been of increased importance across the country as of late.


I am going to add a couple more potential lesser known correspondences from the book & then offer a few thoughts in closing as this is becoming a very long post from what was just a quick passing thought over the weekend.

In the Book the Wicked Witch of the West sends Wolves, Crows, & also Bees after Dorothy and her traveling party.

The Wolves again make me think of Minnesota.

Minnesota is famous for their population of Eastern Timber Wolves. It’s not their state animal only because they’ve chosen not to have one at all. It’s almost unanimously agreed that this would be the choice for that kind of designation.

The Minneapolis based NBA Basketball Team is even named The Minnesota Timberwolves.

Way back up top I mentioned that Hillary Clinton‘s Secret Service Code Name is Evergreen & this is a perfect match for Washington State, with it being known as the Evergreen State.

George Herbert Walker Bush had a secret service nickname of TimberWolf.

The Wicked Witch of the West also sent Bees after the group of travelers. In a year of news almost as bizarre as this post you are currently reading, along came this headline in the midst of the Covid19 outbreak.

I’m biting my tongue for now on just a few more similar correspondences to be able to wrap this post up. The problem has been that whenever I decide to research a new aspect of the Wizard Of Oz Book or Movie and compare it to 2020’s ongoing news cycle, more connections come up.

I have mostly been away from the News over the last 3 days, so if I see something that definitely fits here well enough that it should be prominently featured, I will add it in. This also does seem to me as an ongoing process as it seems like If we are just in the middle of the movie right now.

So “What” is this?

Is it proof that someone like me can connect just about anything to a theory they are thinking they see? No matter how high that challenge may be?

Is it some grand planned out series of correspondences by the “powers that be” in order to somehow present us a full cycle of unbelievable news stories that we’ll see as oddly comforting due to a subliminal underlying story in which we are virtually all comfortably familiar with? Meanwhile they are inserting agenda(s) that would usually take multiple generations using a more believable pace?

Or could this be something very strange happening due an event of collective consciousness?

The Wizard of OZ May be a good source subject to consider the possibility of this type of phenomenon against.

The Wizard of OZ is acknowledged as being the current most seen movie in Human History.

The movie didn’t show up until 39 years after the first of the 14 book series. Which the Library of Congress has declaredAmerica’s most beloved Home Grown Fairytale”.

Could Collective Consciousness be possibly taking this esoteric work and applying it to current events in an effort to wrap this story up in hopefully an ending like the movies, in which the “heroes” find out they had what they sought all along?

This is obviously a pretty abstract area of study, but there is something to it in my opinion. It gets seen from different perspectives at times as well.

Some people notice something they call “The Mandela Effect” and it’s seeming ability to bend reality. I know that some of the people who read this site are familiar with “Project Looking Glass” & this could be in that same vein of “science“.

One last term I’ll put out there for research if your interest has been piqued at all by this, and that is Synchromysticism. I highly recommend looking into this area of study.

It’s fascinating and may look quite familiar to this theory that I’ve offered.

The best source for high quality work on this subject is from Synchromysticism pioneer Jake Kotze & he can be found on Youtube & Vimeo as @seallion. Vimeo is the place with his much more comprehensive library of content.

If you happen to run into him , will you let him know I’ve been trying to get his attention on IG for a long time, it would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading


The GREAT DECEPTION ? A Closer Look at George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, & George Zimmerman.

Earlier this week I posted This Article looking into some very interesting date measurements comparing the separate & unrelated tragedies that befell Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, & George Floyd.

These tragic occurrences are understood to be entirely independent of each other , but whether by coincidence or some other reasoning(s) they in fact appear to be connected via different integral aspects of their timing in relation to each other.

For this update I’m going to specifically discuss the bizarre relation of time elapsed regarding key aspects of the Trayvon Martin & George Floyd incidents.

One of these measurements I did fully identify in the last article , but the other updated measurement that I didn’t see initially is going to turn out to be the key correspondence that ties all of this together, at least into a place that makes it challenging to simply dismiss as coincidence.

With this update I’ll try to make the case that the deaths of Trayvon Martin & George Floyd are absolutely connected. There is a certain underlying precision connecting these 2 events & it is a perspective that is not something that will show up on Main Stream Media.

The initial time difference was found and identified in the original post. I’ll reset it here as I believe that while it is impressive on its own, when considered along side the 2nd newly refined measurement … it’s impact is much greater.

This is a comparison of the Birthdates of George Floyd & George Zimmerman. Zimmerman being the man who killed Trayvon Martin on Feb 26 2012.

George Floyd of course being another very recent tragic figure. While these cases have similar underlying societal aspects, they are not known to share any personal connection whatsoever.

George Floyd was born on October 14 1973

George Zimmerman was born on October 5 1983.

Their births are separated by 9 years 11 months & 21 days.

9 11 21 is an obvious matching visual representation of 9/11/2001

It is also a directly matching correspondence of the abbreviation U.S.A. & the very specific process involved with the Presidential Inaguration ritual that occurs once every 4 years even if an incumbent wins.

This is explained in better detail Here if interested in expanded details.

It’s important to keep in mind that the George Floyd event was already flush with Twin Towers symbolism prior to any kind of consideration applied to his birthdate as it compares to the George Zimmerman D.O.B.

He was quickly revealed to have a well known best friend in Stephen Jackson who then recalled that they considered themselves “TWINS” due to both a reportedly strong friendship & also an uncanny physical resemblance.

He was killed in Minneapolis which is famously considered one of the TWIN CITIES along with St. Paul MN. This is such a part of the cities identity that they named their MLB team the Minnesota Twins. These and other avenues are explored more in depth here Twinsanity – Are we being Duped again? .

There is an additional strong time based correspondence that I’ll mention here in case you don’t decide to take in the other post as well. The Events of 9/11/2001 suddenly began at 8:46 AM as this was the specific time of day that Flight 11 collided with the North Tower of The World Trade Center.

8:46 is also the very specific amount of time that has been officially recorded to represent the duration of George Floyd having had his ability to breathe severely compromised by evil cop Derek Chauvin. This amount of time isn’t simply buried in incident reports, but rather has been adopted as a Rallying Cry and thus is repeatedly in the public’s field of vision. One of many examples is Dave Chapelle‘s surprise special using that measurement as it’s title.

When I stumbled upon that correspondence in the last post , even I was momentarily taken aback by this measurement. I mention that because i find unlikely & very meaningful connections like this every day & have been doing so for the last 5 years. I became largely desensitized after about the first year of this newly acquired sight.

It does take something extra for me to find one that makes me realize my work is done for the day & once I found that particular correspondence, I immediately decided it was time to wrap up that post as I didn’t think I could possibly uncover anything that would trump that find.

However, in my haste to publish … I missed the other connecting measurement that greatly helps in completing this overall picture.

Throughout my website you will see various posts in which I do my best to point out Time Measurements and/or instances of other similar symbolism that relates directly to the number 888.

This particular number seems to be a reoccurring theme that I don’t actively seek out specifically, rather it is just “there” in many important places naturally and completely outside of my influence past just the ability to uncover it and share it with the reader.

9 11 21 connects the 2 George’s, Floyd & Zimmerman.

What connects George Floyd and Trayvon Martin?

Trayvon Martin was killed on 2/26/2012

George Floyd died on 5/25/2020

In the last post I had noticed & subsequently inserted a graphic showing that these 2 dates were separated by 3011 days & I suggested a potential surface connection to the date of 3/11.

March 11 being the date that the worldwide quarantine was initiated , I thought this might be good “food for thought” , but I do recognize that type of correspondence to be in the realm of abstract & I much prefer working in & hopefully finding certainties.

The 3011 days number didn’t immediately jump out at me as it had once before Here .

However, earlier today I was able to refine this rough 3011 day number into a correspondence that shows much more specific measurement.

3011 days is also equal to 8 years & 88 days

This means that it is a fact that according to the respective concrete official narratives that George Floyd was killed exactly 8 years and 88 days after Trayvon Martin was killed in 2012.

It is also a fact that George Floyd was born exactly 9 years 11 months and 21 days before the birth of George Zimmerman who later went on to kill Trayvon Martin 8 years and 88 days before the murder of George Floyd.

Taking into account how these completely unrelated events are connected by this very specific and meaningful set of numbers via time measurements that can not be possibly manipulated while still maintaining accuracy. This leaves me with 3 possibilities to suggest for the reasoning.

1. It means nothing. It’s just a series of unlikely yet random coincidences. While perhaps interesting , these connections are meaningless and purely a fluke as they relate to the measured elapsed times.

2. There is a larger narrative being perpetrated here by man-made sources. These events are therefore being pre-planned to happen on certain days of very specific distance in relation to each other. Whether this is to serve as a “calling card” ( after all isn’t it “symbolism” that is predicted to be be “their downfall“? )

OR perhaps there is a more expanded purpose past just being a “calling card” and in fact the timing and/or encoding serves a working purpose? Perhaps there are certain sciences and knowledge that are largely unknown except by those few who are born into the right crib or later on those that might get a tap on the shoulder from the right kind of person.

It is known that certain occult knowledge is to only be communicated “mouth to ear” and never to be written down except perhaps encoded in metaphor, analogy, and other symbolic representations. This type of presentation is what is referred to as being “hidden in plain sight”.

3. The 3rd possibility is directly related to the aforementioned second perspective. The 3rd possibility is that these things happened purely by intelligent design as many times strife is required for large scale change.

The safely kept hidden knowledges that do in fact exist, were not invented by the Freemasons, theblue bloods” , or any other kind of governmental agency or secret society that may happen to possess these knowledges currently.

The “Time” & numerical correspondences that I tap into specifically are naturally occurring & to my certain view at least … this is due to intelligent design (God by whatever representation you may prefer , there are many “right” answers).

There are certain patterns that exist naturally & some of them have shown to serve specific purpose in their interaction with us people. One such pattern that is in the public realm of knowledge is the Divine Ratio or PHI.

This pattern interacts with our subconscious mind & Leonardo Da Vinci knew this, he applied it with purpose to his work as he knew this would draw our attention a specific kind of way as we associate this pattern with divine aesthetic beauty & this happens without needing the initial effort or cooperation of the viewers conscious mind. This ratio directly interacts with the subconscious mind & this happens even if this persons conscious mind is completely focused on other things.

The Divine Ratio is just one pattern of many (although I believe they are all intimately connected) I’ll ask the reader to consider the possibility that some of the reoccurring patterns I’ve shown on this website due to their consistent presence in very notable places … that these reoccurring number based measurements are in fact visual markers of much more secretly known patterns that have similar effects as does the Divine Ratio.

While Da Vinci‘s usage of PHI was proven to interact with our subconscious mind in the way of aesthetics and perceived beauty. Additional patterns may well exist & their potential invisible interaction can also influence our subconscious minds in different ways too.

PHI effects our vision in its interaction with Beauty and Divine Balance. This could be seen as having to do with Love at its most base level. Many or perhaps all of our emotions can be traced back to one of 2 sources, Love & Fear. If PHI can be applied to interact with our subconscious in a way of LOVE , certainly FEAR based emotions can also be similarly stimulated on a subconscious level with likely much lesser knownRatios“.

By no means is the inclusion of this kind of pattern simply limited to 2D visual art pieces. It is in great writings that never seem to go out of style despite being of great age, it’s in Cinema & not just the classic movies. I don’t think that assertion would surprise many of you.

It is something that can be woven into many different forms of Media & that certainly also includes the news and the events they choose to place their focus upon.

We are very used to the terminologyMain Stream Media” and have said it so many times that the curious label it holds has been normalized.

The Material or Form used by an Artist”

This is an instance of something being “hidden in plain sight” via normalization.

Most of the people who read my website wouldn’t consider it all that well hidden , but the vast ( yet shrinking ) majority of people don’t make any conscious connection to what its accepted label implies it to be.

In my view there definitely are applications of unknown to most ratios similar to the Divine Ratio & these can effect peoples perceptions in various ways.

Perhaps it can be encoded into a government proposal that a clear minded person would normally reject automatically due to its potential negative effect on their own lifestyle or livelihood.

However due to the hypnotic nature of the proposal , which has usually been immediately preceded by a man-made created event to artificially necessitate the reasoning behind there being a proposal at all …. this hypothetical proposal doesn’t draw the intuitive instant reaction that it would from a clear minded person.

The deck has also already been stacked in order to manipulate the common persons free will as the Man Made Narrative in question had also been encoded in its handling via the Main Stream Media on all assortment of 24 hour News Networks.

The Hegelian Dialectic graphic further describes this well known form of manipulation that many of us are already somewhat familiar with.

While obviously already highly psychologically manipulative in its structure , I do believe that a process involving encoded symbolism is used in concert with it as well.

This really might best explain why we all know people who we consider smart and also possessing good common sense in many situations, but they just cannot begin to entertain the idea that the News & some of the politicians are being intentionally disingenuous over and over again.

It’s important to remember here that the 24 News Cycle on TV did not exist like it does now before 9/11/2001.

The “News Ticker” that runs on the bottom of the major networks now at all times did not exist at all until 9/11/2001. It was a specific creation for that event and it never went away. People are being besieged at all times and from all angles when hypnotically watching these networks.

During the COVID-19 (non) event this has trickled into other non news networks programming on a large scale. Both Animal Planet & Nickelodeon have been force feeding many hours of Covid19 content into their schedules & this has been expanded to the civil unrest involving the George Floyd incident.

All of this “Programming” could very well be & likely is loaded with this same kind of encoding as described above using Da Vinci and his Art as an example.

2020 has been a bizarre year, I think we can all agree on that assessment.

It does very much seem like things are headed for one final “showdown” and that the “bad guys” are pooling all of their resources in an attempt to go down swinging.

I personally have no doubt that their efforts will be in vain & that just as aggressively as the effort began over the last few months to manufacture this bizarre fear basednew normal” into a sort of collective agreement, that it will be transcended in the end just as aggressively from the side of resistance.

As many of us have confidently discovered in recent years , it does seem that “theyneed our permission to actually do these things that “they” know is not really in our best interests. There are Universal Laws at play here 105 Universal Laws and they must be adhered to.

That is all I have for today , but I did offer 3 potential reasoning for the strange time connections involving Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, and George Zimmerman & I should offer my personal opinion on those.

1. Coincidence

2. Man Made events using intentional representations of divine mathematics.

3. Intelligent Design: The Genuine article & based on the concept that you many times have to Destroy before you can Rebuild.

I know it’s not coincidence, but I’m locked in pretty well and I don’t think It would be possible for me to revert back to when I was more of that kind of mindset on these types of things. I know that may not carry thru for everyone else though & so I hope I did a decent job of presenting information in a way to nudge you away from that (imo) limiting kind of mindset.

I do not believe it’s the 3rd option either. When Intelligent Design is at play it happens in a way that can be described as undeniable. If you look at it from the right perspective you can find order out of the chaos.

The 2nd option of a man made attempt to mimic intelligent design as it applies to our collective subconscious mindset , this seems like the winner. This group(s) of people often adopt that “Order out of Chaos” slogan , but they’re still human and this is a far cry from option 3.

Current events have seemingly consisted of a repeating cycle of ridiculous events that are being championed and propped up by a similarly ridiculous group of public figures who seem to have exaggerated their credentials in order to create an illusion of expertise and authority that should not be in question. It hasn’t been very convincing to my view.



9/11, HRC, & the Politically Incorrect killing of Barbara Olson?

Over time things tend to reveal themselves with more clarity. The key is to stop every once in awhile to take new stock of where & what you have everything reconciled as in your way of thinking.

9/11 never seemed anything but suspicious to me as it happened, but my thinking at the time was a lot more towards where the MSM was telling me it should be, than where it eventually got.

By the time the Anthrax narrative got some good traction & it was revealed to me that i didn’t have to be Tom Brokaw or Tom Daschle to be at risk, rather my junk mail just had to share a facility with their alleged poisoned letters … I was just as hypnotized by the MSM fear narrative as are many of the people we pull up next to now who are sitting in their car alone wearing a mask.

Also I was told on my local Denver News affiliates that it was a “when” and not an “if” in regards to the hypothetical rash of upcoming Suicide Bombings that would soon begin rocking the mid sized American city that I called my hometown.

I think that was the “News” report that left me feeling the most shaken by the presented current world circumstances at that time.

The Suicide Bombings never happened, but it took me a few years to start making my way towards a better awareness of what was really “going on“. While those solo driver mask wearers do tend to get under my skin now , I do remember that I was locked in much like they were once upon a time.

Also in 2002 , I was still of the mind that Bill Clinton had been a pretty good president, much better than who we had been stuck with at the time (W).

I also was well aware of the possibility that Clinton’s wife would perhaps be the first Female President of the U.S. one day & this didn’t hit me in any kind of particularly bad way.

I don’t think I’d be going door to door handing out literature on her behalf, but I was mostly ok with that potential future. I was really only half-interested at best.

9/11 still sat strangely in the background of my mind , but before too long I probably went weeks or even months at a time without really even thinking about it.

Also during this time I was aware of Bill Maher and once in awhile I got a kick out of his show “Politically Incorrect” depending on who the guest(s) were.

That said it wasn’t appointment TV for me & neither was his show Real Time w/ Bill Maher when it found its way to HBO , but it crossed my vision a few times when I had the TV tuned to HBO for The Sopranos or maybe Da Ali G Show & the channel has been left there afterwards.

My view of Maher was that he was just an OK comedian & the movie he’d starred in had looked to me like the kind of movie myself & my cousins had made in middle school when we had gotten access to a camcorder for a few days during summer break.

So good for him that he was making it now, by way of his talk show format. Really though I didn’t think much about Maher past just being aware of him.

I also didn’t ever take time to consider the behind the scenes relationships between the political world and the entertainment industry. My focuses were elsewhere at this time & in a way ignorance is certainly bliss ( for awhile ).

Finally, let’s talk about Barbara Olson as she is the main character in this post & does strongly connect with all of the other elements I just touched upon.

She died on 9/11 while a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77 that allegedly hit the Pentagon at 9:37 AM.

I say “allegedly” as I believe this is an important place to update & take stock of ones official self belief.

The instance of a Plane hitting the Pentagon has since been called into question many times and there are various layers of doubt to do with this aspect of the official story.

Could the HiJacker Hani Hanjour really have piloted this plane in a way that many if not all experts say is absolutely impossible? Coming in just off the ground with such precision?

Why were all videotapes from various surrounding surveillance sources immediately confiscated? Gas Stations , Hotels , and all other variety of surrounding businesses were visited that day by govt agencies to collect potential videotape that has since never been seen again.

Wildly varying eye witness accounts , light poles sheared on approach , and also an interesting story of highly suspicious inactivity in enforcing the Washington DCno-fly zone” involving Dick Cheney.

The Pentagon official story has more holes than supporting facts & it’s not close.

So, I think it’s important to consider all of those details that have since emerged and potentially reset or update your own personal belief of what may have most likely happened here.

I’ll bring this up again at the end of this post as it pertains to my own updated takeaway.

Also, there are a couple of interesting symbolism/numerical oddities I noticed as I typed this out, but I’ll be brief here.

Hani Hanjour – H is 8th letter of alphabet so HH looks to me like 88 or perhaps even 888 if you apply his full “titleHiJacker Hani Hanjour

Flight 77 had a total of 64 people on board & only 53 were paying passengers.

The passenger totals on all of the 9/11 flights have always struck me as very odd. They don’t make much sense when you look at any kind of travel average resource. Of course it is my opinion that the official numbers here have been created to fit the sought after symbolism.

64 dead on the plane. 8×8 is 64

888 pilot 8×8 dead.

125 died in the Pentagon allegedly

In Hebrew H is the 5th letter in HEH

HiJacker Hani Hanjour could be seen as 555 if looking at it from a Hebrew perspective.

The plane hit a famously 5 sided building in the Pentagon and 125 people died within that 5 sided building.

The 125 day of the year is 5/5

5×25 is 125 as well.

5:25 on a clock is shown via the hour hand and minute hand both bring on 55:5 . Worth Remembering at least , since we just had another big event happen on 5/25 this year – Memorial Day.

If you look close enough you might see.

So it could be a bunch of 8’s or a bunch of 5’s that was encoded within the symbolism there , or both?

Barbara Olson was a known TV/News Personality at the time of her death on the illfated Flight 77.

She was also an author. She did not like the Clintons and in fact was very aggressive in attempting to point out their corruption on a bigger stage via her TV appearances and also her writing. She did not target Bill Clinton more than Hillary , in fact she was equally critical of both ( rightly so, I’ve long since realized ).

Hillary Clinton was especially upset about these books and in particular about the 2nd one that Olson was doing pre-release publicity for at the time of her death on 9/11.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t simply outspoken about her disdain of Olson or of Olson’s upcoming book in an attempt to hedge its credibility, she was trying to actually block its publishing.

Barbara Olson was however carrying forth with the publishing & in fact the book was completely done as she boarded flight 77 on 9/11/2001 to fly to California.

She was flying to be a panelist on Bill Maher’s Show Politically Incorrect in order to publicize her books upcoming release.

I can’t say for sure what the travel booking procedure was on Politically Incorrect w/ Bill Maher , but it’s almost a certainty that the show or network provided specific travel arrangements & covers those costs.

What kind of influence could Hillary have potentially wielded in maybe having had an effect on Olson’s travel arrangements? It’s established that HRC didn’t care for Olson and didn’t want her book to be released as HRC was getting ready to embark on her own solo political career.

It’s been established over and over again since 2001 ( and before ) that HRC doesn’t seem to have a self imposed limit of severity on how she may choose to deal with a potential roadblock on the path of her own personal rise to power.

In the time between 9/11/2001 and current day , many of us have updated our stance as to whether or not there was prior knowledge of what was about to unfold on the morning of 9/11 & this then leaves the underlying question of “who knew?” rather than “did anyone know?”.

I think many/most of us can agree that HRC would be amongst that small group of figures having pre-knowledge, in almost all hypothetical configurations of groupings.

In my case at least, Bill Maher isn’t still simply a pedestrian comedian who hit it big by changing his format , he is now seen by me as someone snugly connected into this underlying political & entertainment enmeshment or partnership.

Rewinding things, but with a more updated scope of understanding.

Did Barbara Olson get this great national spot on Politically Incorrect to promote her upcoming book & by some cosmic accident unfortunately get booked onto a plane that would soon plow into the Pentagon?

Were all of these tragic yet serendipitous to herself only coincidences playing out while HRC was focusing on new business card designs and completely oblivious to everything about to happen on 9/11 ( the official narrative ).

Could a very advantageous invitation to Maher’s show have been simply a sudden and creative way to make a Public Relations problem disappear?

I don’t have a smoking gun email or other form of communication connecting HRC & Bill Maher or his shows network ABC to post here, but is this all that far out of what we could easily perceive as a possibility?

Does anyone think to themselves as they read this “HRC wouldn’t do that” or “Bill Maher/ABC wouldn’t involve themselves in that“?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but in my opinion HRC would do something like this w/o much hesitation at all. I also don’t much envision a scenario in which ABC or Maher’s moral turpitude would prove to be a derailment in this hypothetical chain of events.

When the official story looks like the least likely scenario, it’s usually a good time to readjust your takeaway.

Barbara Olson‘s book did in fact release posthumously & it did well in that it was on the New York Times Bestseller list for 3 months after its availability in October of 2001.

However it caught America at a different time & this is an obvious and notable distinction.

Post 9-11 it wasn’t just unfashionable , but really it was a venture that came with severe consequences to publicly be critical of anyone in a prominent political position.

HRC was a state Senator for New York by this time & according to her own PR team, she had basically singlehandedly raised NY from the ashes of the terrorist attacks that took place in the fall of 2001.

It’s still incredible to me now, how just a scant 15-20 years ago it was a career death knell to criticize ( an awful ) President in George W. Bush.

The Dixie Chicks found this out , from top of the charts & the Grammy’s to pioneers on the wrong side of the yet to emerge Cancel Culture. For not being patriotic based on their much too public questioning of Bush.

Now in 2020, it is obviously beneficial to your entertainment career to dedicate an inordinate amount of time to criticizing the President & even more than that, as there really are no limits to what many entertainers will say or threaten.

Having a day long meeting with the Secret Service is now seen as a great career move. It’s bizarre and it reminds me both how short people’s working memories are & also how quickly we can go from one bad polar degree to the other, when balance is what should be sought.

To finish up the main topic here, perhaps Barbara Olson was booked on a plane that some people knew would never get to where it was going?

Perhaps this was because of her choice of political enemy and the creative resources that this politician had available to her in the entertainment industry?

This is all possible and to me at least it very much seems more likely than what the history books currently report as having happened.

What about when you add in the element that is also an ever increasingly popular theory.

The theory that no plane ever hit the Pentagon and that instead it was a missile or similar type of projectile?

Where did the plane go? How about the 64 people allegedly on board? What about the Author on her way to sit across from Bill Maher on his nationally syndicated TV show?

What really happened to that person who wrote that unpopular book?

The potential scope of revelations to do with the last few generations of our countries history (and beyond) are staggering to think about.

Here’s hoping for a high level of disclosure, sooner rather than later.


The Bizarre connections linking George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, and Rodney King. Is this even Real?

The recent events that were sparked by the death of George Floyd reminded me of a couple of other high visibility incidents in our collective past.

Trayvon Martin‘s death on February 26 2012

& the LAPD beating of Rodney King on March 3 1991.

I have no doubt that there are major systematic problems to do with a certain % of people that are emotionally inept finding their way into positions of situational authority.

The problem of racism could theoretically be eradicated in only one generation as people pick up these defective thought processes while they are children.

These kinds of belief systems are caused by the personalities of the influential adults in someone’s life as they move through their formative years.

If that person never transcends this flawed influence via emotional growth and instead becomes “stuck” at a low emotional age , it is carried on with them long term and unfortunately the process often times continues as they expose their own children to this fear based thinking.

Many people in this rut of emotional growth also have complicated relationships with the idea of authority ( dysfunctional family systems usually are out of balance in numerous ways ) and many times are strongly drawn to or away from later on seeking positions of authority themselves.

Becoming a Police Officer or a Career Criminal is one crossroads that someone could conceivably come to & go either way, when growing up in a household where the parental authority was either too suffocating or possibly too lax or even nonexistent.

Many people have noticed and commented before on how there is a Thin Line between cop and criminal. In my view it’s to do with that initial relationship with authority in someone’s first 7 years of life.

However, back to the George Floyd incident for now …

Herein lies another shady aspect of all of this, The Media.

It’s been the media in the George Floyd incident that unfortunately has made my intuition buzz in a bad way as it seems to me that the MSM is using every aspect of the George Floyd case to advance pre-existing agendas. This is being done in a blatantly disingenuous way to my view.

The media and also by proxy, certain high visibility public & political figures.

The way these groups/people are piggy backing on this issue to further their agenda(s) & how “they” seemed to be immediately ready to do so, makes me wonder …..

What if there was no incident organically available right on cue to take advantage of in this way?

Would these groups/people actually create one to fit into the desired timing? I can’t say for sure, but I will say I have heavy suspicions in this way.

It was the measurable time aspects of these cases that caught my attention primarily , so I will do my best to reserve judgement on potential motives as they are nothing if not subjective.

I will instead focus on the time measurements as they are exact and can’t be moved around to be anything but what they are.

This is why I like looking at things like this so much, the precision of it.

So, I’ll just start out with a “Did You Know”?

Did you know that Rodney King suddenly passed away via drowning 7777 days after the infamous police beating was caught on video that soon went pre-internet viral?

Meanings to do with 777

I thought that was oddly specific & since his manner of death was somewhat bizarre, I think it opens the door for more scrutiny and potentially a deeper meaning.

He died on Fathers Day, 28 years to the day that his own father died in a bathtub ( drowning as well ) in 1984.

7777 days between the 2 events in regard to Rodney King.

7+7+7+7 = 28

28 years to the day after his own father.

The 28 lunar houses – seven times four

Number 28 symbolism

I think both incidents happening in water ( R. King in the pool and his father in a bathtub ) is also important to consider due to the potential analogy relating to a baptism and also waters symbolism to do with the subconscious.

The moon controls the tides ( water – emotion )

The Solar cycle is 28 years & the Lunar Cycle is 19 years. I’m not the best at astrology, but these 2 cycles work together as shown above.

Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman on February 26 2012.

This was the 19th anniversary of the first World Trade Center Bombing on 2/26/1993.

I couldn’t say whether or not the exact 28 & 19 year markers in this case correspond to the above offered information, but it’s worth noting.

Trayvon Martin was born on February 5 1995.

1 year 11 months and 11 days after that first Bombing.

But back to more comparative topics, Martin was born 3 yrs 11 months & 3 days after the infamous LAPD incident involving Rodney King.

By itself , this doesn’t jump off of the page other than for maybe being a certain kind of pattern.

However, Trayvon Martin also connects with George Floyd within this same pattern.

Trayvon Martin Died 3011 days prior to George Floyd‘s death on May 25 2020.

Seeing 3 & 11 & 3 on one comparison and 3011 on the other comparison brings the date of 3/11 to mind and to my view this was an infamous date in 2020 as this is when the Quarantine began for all intents & purposes when the NBA suddenly shut down and Tom Hanks made his Covid-19 announcement earlier in the same day.

Just to bring around one more numerical detail involving these similar events and their timing , it was at 5:25 AM ( “official” records are key imo ) in which Rodney King’s Girlfriend called 9-1-1 to report him being unresponsive and likely drowned. The “official” declaration of death happened at 6:11 AM.

Another thing I’m noticing within the context of all of these tragedies and their seemingly interconnected nature is the names involved.

Taking the last names of Rodney King and Trayvon Martin , you of course come up with the potential madlibs result of Martin King or as can be surmised from this, a correspondence of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4 1968.

George Floyd was born on October 14 1973

Today as I write this Joe Biden ( known knucklehead and suspected agenda advancer ) actually directly compared MLKjr. And George Floyd‘s deaths. Stating that Floyd’s death has had more global impact than MLKjr’s death did.

( I’ll mention here that the MSM completely controls this impact dispersal & will also mention that I think Biden is clearly wrong here )

George Floyd’s Birthdate above.

George Floyd was born 2020 days after the MLK jr assassination. According to all available info.

2020 of course being the year that George Floyd would suddenly become a household name.

All of these numbers seem to have a lot more familiarity than what usually happens when I look into numbers.

Also I will mention here that before George Floyd’s Bday became cemented as being on October 14 1973 , I read an MSM interview ( Washington Post ) in which his Uncle was interviewed and he clearly stated that GF had just turned 46 on May 22nd.

This would adjust the Bday to 5/22/74 , however I am seeing the October date everywhere else since then.

Next is where things begin to seem really suspect to me.

Up above I pointed out that Trayvon Martin has a seemingly benign shared anniversary with the first 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center.

He died 19 years to the day after its occurrence.

He died due to modern American villain George Zimmerman & his obvious dysfunctional thinking regarding his own relationship with Authority.

George Zimmerman was born on October 5 1983.

This was 9 years 11 months and 21 days after the birth of George Floyd.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see the correspondence of 9/11/2001 within that unshakable fact of measurement involving those 2 birthdays.

When I started this post, all I had in my back pocket was the Rodney King 7777 days fact.

I’ve done this enough times to know that as I rolled along I’d find about 4-5 other oddities worth being written about. This is how it always works once I know that there is something fishy to build off of ( in this case the 7777 days ).

Everything else I’ve posted has been found while writing & as I just arrived at the George Zimmerman – George Floyd connection ( might as well add George Soros to make 3 George’s )

I also usually know when I’ve found the best kind of smoking gun & I think in this case it’s going to be the connection of “the George’s” to the Magic 9/11 numbers and also adding in the Trayvon Martin side connection.

I have no doubt I could find another half dozen supporting number oddities to tie into this limited number of incidents that are further connected by their MSM (mis)handling.

However, just with what is presented so far, I ask the reader … does it seem real? Or does it appear it may be an invention to manipulate people’s emotions?

Thank you for reading. It is appreciated.